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XX Virgin Cream Premium W1 Gcell - 5ml


GCell XX Virgin Cream Premium W1 is a unique combination of completely natural, safe and benign ingredients. The product helps women return to their youth thanks to a highly effective vaginal rejuvenation formula with no side effects.

Dosage form: Skin cream.

Packing: 1 box of  5ml.

Brand: GCell

User manual:

- Clean the bikini area and then dry it, then take a sufficient amount of XX Virgin Cream Premium W1 (depending on the size, take the corresponding amount of cream to apply thinly.

- Apply the cream evenly until the cream is completely absorbed, the thin amount of cream will absorb very quickly, creating a feeling of dryness on the surface of the skin, then it is completely possible to wear normal underwear without feeling wet. wet.

- If applied thickly, on the surface of the skin, it will create a feeling of being wet, it will cause a feeling of hot moisture, steam when wearing clothes, it will be sore for a long time, so absolutely do not apply thick, not effective. .

Number of times to apply cream:

- Apply more than 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening before going to bed, each time from 4-5 hours apart), before applying, must clean, wipe clean, dry before applying Pink Cream. Constriction W1.

- Less intensive: 1-2 times / day (morning and evening before going to bed or only applying once and night before sleeping.

 - Using W1 Vaginal Redness after 4-5 days, there will be a pull of skin, still using normal cream, then there is a very thin layer of skin that peels up, so that the dead skin peels off by itself.


- XX Virgin Cream Premium W1 helps to promote skin renewal, pink and remove pigmentation causing skin darkening.

- Brings radiance to darkened skin areas.

- Redden the bikini naturally.

- No side effects, do not abstain from bathing, having sex.

- No burning pain if you apply the right dose (You only need to apply a very small amount of cream is enough).

- Tone up after 8-10 days.

- Natural pink - no side effects.


8-10 days of natural beauty (depending on the location, the effect is fast or slow).

Storage: Always close the lid tightly after use. Should be kept in the refrigerator.