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Having a beauty and perfect skin with flwlessness is expective of ladies. this problem is difficult because of external facts such as: circumtance environment, high temperature, warter resource…

the traditional method that using from natural ingredients of biology such as plan, seed, honey or milk. This method requires taking time and less effective while whiterning body shower at Spa will spend a huge budget. In addition, applying the line whiterning body shower in the black- market can be damage your skin. Morever, some of famous whiterning body shower branch that customer follow many steps is the result of cold and effecting health.

Is there any resolving for ladies making a nice skin with being safety and effective?

With deeply knowledge and experience in  renowned taking skin and cosmetic companies, Top White researched sucessful the line of whiterning body shower product that insure safety completely.

Whiterning body shower D8 is the best yor choice.

Being synthetic base on professonal whiterning body shower at many Spa, White Perfect Shower Body D8 contains natural herbs with exfloliate that low cost.

Differing from another with non-origin products which is only whiterning body without nutrition your skin, White Perfect Body Shower D8 is not only making whiterning sking, it is also nutrition your skin and provide natural essence that usefull for developing of skin. With Nano element, White Perfect Body Shower D8 can reject wrinkle, prevent the skin age.

The intelligent whiterning body shower process help ladies decrease the time using that avoid cold and protect your health.

Benifits of D8:

having a beautiful and bright skin at the first time of use.

reject the age skin, bring you a active skin.

clean darkly area on skin, long-term pigmentations, prevent UV ray.

absorb quickly to reject black pigment, dryskin to bring a tone beauty skin.

 White Perfect Body Shower D8 includes 4 packs.

Step 1: Mix the pack 1, 2, 3 into small bowl, stir for 5 minutes and leave 5 minutes to dissolve the mixture
 Step 2: Apply this mixture  with a thick layer to your body. For the sensitive skin, wait 15 minutes. For the normal skin, wait 30 minutes for the cream penetration deeply into the skin. Then wash your body with water.
 Step 3: Use the pack 4 (whitening skin cream make-up body), massage on the whole entire body in 3 minutes for the whitening nutrients and ingredients penetration like Nano collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin E , sunscreens, providing a smooth white skin perfectly. This is a special feature for glossy white and smooth skin.

 With three simple steps, short shower time ensures health, soothing scents, particularly rapid penetration after 5 seconds, pleasant and clean skin. To have perfect white skin, our experts advise you should take a shower 1 week/set  and continually with 4-6 set.

After taking body shower, you should use White Perfect Body D9 daily to keep your skin smooth and white
In order to get a perfect white skin, you should use constantly for 4-6 set.


Do not use for face

Avoid top of your fingers. Do not get touch with eye areas and wound skin

After Body Shower, apply White Perfect Body D9 to get the healthy and white skin in

Put in cool place, under 37oC

Avoid sunlight

Keep out of reach of children

+Product has admited by Vietnames Health Department

+Stamp by Ministry of Public Security

If you are exterting a natural perfect and safety skin, do not hesitate owning the White Perfect Body  Shower D8 to achieve whiterning dream skin.

Wiht supporting from renowned professional skin care, Top White believe that we are the first products which lead in whiterning. Contacting to us for your bet resolve for your skin.