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To satisfy the beauty and perfect skin which is expecting of ladies, Top white cosmetic is added the line of the products White perfect whitening body D9.

(White Perfect Body D9)

Honouring the natural beauty skin, Top white apply natural herbs to establish the perfect beauty outside. Therefore, most of ladies used to know the used of the Nano collagen for beauty technology. However, these of methods are more effective is the secretly question.

Base on the researcher, lamb foetus contains much Acid Nucleonic, oxidation help recondition skin, anti- immunization and increase cell. When your face skin was supported nutrition from the lamb foetus, it will be straightening the skin. In addition, it also improved skin tone; hide the long-term pigmentations on your skin. As the result, lamb foetus was considered magical medicine in taking care of skin.

(White Perfect Body D9)


Nano Collagen: affect to body better, maintain the elastic skin function, soft and bright skin, anti- old age skin, create acid amine for skin health.

Lamb foetus: contains Acid Nucleonic, oxygen help recondition skin, anti-immunization and create skin cell. As the result, your skin will be straightening and anti-older.

Vitamin E: to protect the oxygen in cell, slow down the old age, help skin avoid dry, maintain fresh skin, making the soft and natural feeling on your skin, provide the nutrition and maintain the moisture for skin all day.

Nutrition White Perfect Body D9 is the combination between white essence was extracted natural plants and lamb foetus; in addition, the nano ingredient will help your skin whiter without absorb sunlight, anti- old age to treat skin paint.

Whitening Body D9 also have anti-oxy ingredient to protect x-ray, prevent old age, supporting to treat the paint, having soft skin after one time use. This product will be appreciated any kind of skin. Whiter Perfect D9 provides the different when the first time use and achieve the perfect result within 10 days use.

Instruction: after clean your body, apply White perfect D9 two times in the morning and at night, using continuous in 10 days, you will get the bright skin. To be get the best result, you should using in month continuously.