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Weilaiya Grand Rose Extracts Whitening Shower Gel - 450 ml


Highlights of Damask Weilaiya rose petal bath gel

  • Luxurious, unique & impressive bottle design
  • Proprietary technology to preserve Damask fresh rose petals from Bulgaria
  • The seductive fragrance full of emotions like the famous Elie Saab perfume
  • Deep osmosis, moisture supplementation for tight, smooth skin
  • Promoting the skin to produce collagen that helps white skin naturally pink
  • It feels very comfortable to feel clean.
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Patented proprietary petal preservation technology

Natural flower materials imported from Bulgaria, carefully selected, professional production process. Fresh petals are processed and preserved with high technology, which helps to maintain the original state without being affected by temperature, light and other factors.

Intensive skin moisturizing, helping smooth, taut skin

In addition to Damask rose oil, Weilaiya petal bath gel is also rich in amino acids, cheek vegetable essences, Sodium Hyaluronate helps:

  • Deep moisturizing, gentle cleaning
  • Antioxidant, protects the skin's diaphragm
  • Balance the PH level on the skin, help the skin moisturize smoothly

Core God

  • Amino acids that work on the surface: Gently cleanse, protect the skin's diaphragm, regulate skin PH, balance the amount of oil and water
  • Damask rose petal extract: Regulates balance of water and oil intake, moisturizes and beautifies the skin
  • Vegetable essence: Mild anti-inflammatory, reduces hypersensitivity, allergies, antioxidants
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Deep Moisturizing

🌸 Suitable for all skin types

  • Overcome dry, dull skin with Hyaluronic Acid water supplement ingredient & Damask pink extract
  • Suitable for both skin or sensitivity: Restoring the skin's protective barrier, promoting collagen production to make skin healthier
  • With lumpy skin: Shower gel with microscopic oxygen foam gently removes bacteria on the epidermis to keep the skin clean

🌸 Does not contain harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, mineral oils, preservatives ...

3 layers of seductive perfume

  • Head flavor: Ly sour black, pear, pink tangerine, orange
  • Middle scent: Rose, orange flower, peony, orchid, orchid, orchid
  • Last incense: Patchouli, amber, maltol, musk


  • Take a suitable amount of shower gel into the palm of the hand or bath cotton, gently rub well to create foam
  • Apply shower gel foam evenly throughout your body.
  • Gently massage then bathe again with water.