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Vento Vivere - Pearl Rare Illuminating Cellular Cream Switzerland

$115.00 $67.00

Vento Vivere - Pearl Rare Illuminating Cellular Cream, Anti-aging & Brightening

Brightens your skin instantly and make newborn skin return


Product evaluation

  • It is classic facial cream popular around the world.
  • This is a revolution in skincare products that replaces cosmetics.
  • It employs Swiss top-level cell activation and aging prevention technology.



  • Skin repair and whitening tests
  • Results tested by dermatologists*
  • Long-term use
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter skin
  • Brighter skin
  • Natural beauty

Details description of valuable ingredients

  • Sturgeon caviar has always been called the “emperor” of caviar. By virtue of 16 times of Omega-3 than that of the ordinary caviar and exclusive stem cells extraction technology of VENTO VIVERE, sturgeon, accompanied by efficient peptide and amino acid, has outstanding effect in repairing pores and scars, smoothing wrinkles, whitening skin, and rebuilding tight facial contour.
  • South Sea Pearl is praised as “the king of pearls”. It can only be fished from the deep sea. Such a rare pearl is formed in a time of 6 years. Every pearl can get enough organic materials during its growth in the sea. Meanwhile, the nanometer refining technique ensures efficient absorption by your skin, thus securing fair and lustrous skin like precious pearls.


VENTO VIVERE Anti-gravitational Revolution

  • Collection of pearl oysters on the northwest coast of Australia
  • It can only be collected in very small sea areas with an excellent aquatic ecosystem.
  • Only with particularly favorable natural conditions and the best technology of pearl breeding—Japan’s advanced pearl breeding technology can pearl oysters be cultivated.
  • Just like Vento Vivere’s philosophy, precious pearls shall be produced through naturally selected raw materials and advanced technology.
  • Local traditional skills are fully used in the harvest process.


Usage method

  1. Fetch some cream of pearl size;
  2. Apply the cream on the face by dotting over the face
  3.  Patter gently until the cream is fully absorbed