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Utena Proqualite EX Straight Hair Perm Styling Kit (for Short Hair Use) Japan

$35.00 $31.00

Hair dressing usually takes US$100 to US$200 in most basic salons in Japan, and many young girls like trying "DIY" kit widely available in consumer market. Proqualite is one of the famous & successful lines in local Japan.

Proqualite is a very successful line from Utena Japan. It gives girls a low-cost-enough way to try out different hair styles AT HOME and with professional result, and all under your control (DIY)! 

This is a highly effective perm set for making your fluffy hair straight and tidy again in salon quality, the best performance one in the same series. It gives you a semi-permanent performance for around 1 to 2 months*.


1. Includes all-the-necessary tools & agent out of the box.

2. It fixes the internal structure of hair core and makes your hair straight externally.

3. Improve the unbalance moisture in hair structure in order to improve the external hair outlook, become straight & smooth again

4. It acts on the distortion of curly hair and gives a smooth texture to the tips of the hair. 

5. The included after hair treatment prevents dryness, absorbs moisture, and keeps your hair silky straight even on rainy days. 

6. It contains treatment-based ingredients like argan oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract for hair nourishment.

7. With elegant floral scent, depress unpleasant odor commonly appears after perm 

Made in Japan

What's included

1. Agent 1 100g

2. Agent 2 100g

3. Hair Essence Treatment 15g

4. Professional Brush

5. Gloves

6. Instruction Manual (Japanese)