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TT Mary Spa Gelpatch 42°C - 5 Patches Applicator Wrap Slimming Heating

$23.00 $18.00

An abdominal heating fat burning diet patch for weight loss, PMS, and abdominal pain. Spa gelpatch 42 ° C heats up immediately upon contact with skin, generating a moderate thermal sensation lasting more than 8 hours that will help with fat burning and slimming of the target areas such as abdomen. Or cut it up and stick it at any other areas you would like to target!

How To Use

1. Peel off the central film and paste the heart shaped part according to the belly button.
2. Please peel off the film on both sides and push it without bias so that it firmly adheres to the skin.
3. Putting on the sole at bedtime helps with sound sleep and toxins removal.


Cordyceps sinensis extract, Pepper extract (capsaicin), Coffee extract, Soil mineral, Mineral oil, TPE gel