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Top White White Perfect D1S Cream for melasma, freckles, age spots for sensitive skin


The process of treating melasma for those with sensitive skin has now become a lot easier with the help of White Perfect D1S Renew Skin .

Treating melasma for normal skin is already difficult, for sensitive skin it is even more difficult, but you do not need to worry because now there is a white perfect D1S Renew Skin melasma cream for sensitive skin . This is the newly launched super product of Top White cosmetics, aimed at customers with sensitive skin, making the skin care process easier than ever. 


White Perfect D1S Renew Skin melasma cream for sensitive skin

Depending on the location or factors such as environment and age, the severity of melasma varies from person to person. For cases of sensitive skin, easily irritated by conventional treatments, it will be very difficult. Many customers confided to Top White cosmetics that they have a headache every time they choose a safe and suitable melasma cleaning product. 

Understanding that urgent need of a part of customers with sensitive skin, Top White cosmetic brand after research and development process has launched the White Perfect D1S Renew Skin melasma cream manufactured according to production process meets CGMP ASEAN standards.  

This is a line of melasma cream that fully inherits the ability to regenerate skin, remove melasma and intensively whiten from the previous White Perfect D1 product, and is upgraded with many natural ingredients, meeting international standards. leading in the cosmetic industry such as Ecocert, Cosmos, ... are completely imported from Europe, the US, Japan and Korea, which are countries with a thriving cosmetics industry, always at the forefront and shaping the creation of trends and trends. global beauty direction. 

White Perfect D1S Renew Skin

Ingredients of melasma cream for sensitive skin White Perfect D1S Renew Skin

The production materials of White Perfect D1S Renew Skin are selected and imported from Germany, France, USA, Japan, Canada. Helps to have a positive effect on the skin, penetrates deeply to push each melasma up from the surface of the skin without causing irritation or uncomfortable stinging. 

  • Black pearl extract helps to repel melasma, fade wrinkles, and give skin a more beautiful, healthy pink glow.  
  • Rice extract helps to moisturize, soothe and support the healing of damage caused by environmental influences.  
  • Peptides - chains of amino acids that help produce collagen for smooth skin and increase elasticity.  
  • Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin and prevent acne for the skin. 

How to use melasma cream for sensitive skin White Perfect D1 Renew Skin

To achieve the best effect, you need to follow the correct steps to use White Perfect D1S Renew Skin as follows: Clean the skin with cleanser, apply an amount of D1S cream to the skin 4 times a day. At night, to sleep overnight, the best time to use it is from 10-30 days depending on how thick, thin, weak, and healthy skin is, this time the skin will be completely improved, new skin cells will appear. presently.  

Note: To achieve the best effect of D1 applied thickly, with the first course, it is recommended to use 1 bottle of D1 for 12 to 15 days, then completely switch to D2 for skin care and D3 to prevent aging and protect the skin.  

  • Using in combination with Skin Perfect D5 cleanser will bring the best effect
  • During the course of using Top White D1, avoid sauna and facial massage. 

The process of cleaning melasma for those of you with sensitive skin has now become a lot easier with the help of White Perfect D1S Renew Skin . If you have any questions about the product, you can contact us for the most detailed answer.