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Top White The product set cleans the skin, prevents acne, and fades dark scars


Top White brand with product set to clean skin, prevent acne, fade dark scars. Helps prevent acne, suitable for many skin types. 

Not everyone is born with flawless, smooth white skin. Therefore, proper care is extremely important. Among skin problems, acne is the problem that causes the most discomfort. Makes us feel self-conscious and encounter many obstacles when communicating. 

Understanding that concern, the Top White brand launched a set of anti-acne products including 5 products: White Perfect D3 sunscreen, Skin Perfect D5 facial cleanser, White Perfect D4 anti-acne cream and Sexy Skin makeup remover oil. Cleansing Oil, Sexy Skin Toner.

Sexy Skin Cleansing Oil

New generation Top White makeup remover oil has the ability to clean thick makeup, moisturize the skin, soften the skin and help prevent acne. In just one operation, layers of makeup, dirt, and sebum clinging to the facial skin will be removed as quickly and gently as possible.

In particular, for the eye and lip areas, which are more sensitive than other skin areas, Top White makeup remover oil still effectively cleans without causing any damage.

All raw materials for producing Top White makeup remover oil are imported from Japan, America, Spain, France, and the EU. It contains ingredients extracted from nature that are good for the skin such as:

  • Almond oil helps moisturize, soothe and soften the skin.
  • Rice bran oil helps moisturize and soften the skin.
  • Vitamin E helps moisturize, soften the skin and helps prevent skin oxidation.
  • Roman chamomile oil extract helps moisturize, soothe and protect the skin. 

Skin Perfect D5 facial cleanser

 Skin Perfect D5 anti-acne facial cleanser  is a product line that helps clean dirt and sebum on the skin, helping to reduce acne and prevent acne. Besides, it also helps quickly reduce plaque and clean dead skin cells, helping the skin clear.

Natural ingredients found in  Skin Perfect D5 facial cleanser

  • Tocopherol: Helps prevent oxidation, prevents aging, prevents acne, and nourishes the skin.
  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate: Soothes skin, prevents irritation.
  • Ascorbic Acid: Vitamin C essence helps brighten and prevent acne on the skin.
  • Collagen: Helps skin become firmer and smoother.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract: Helps moisturize and prevent oxidation.
  • Olea Europaea Leaf Extract: Helps moisturize and brighten skin.
  • Hedera Helix Extract: Soothes the skin, making it soft and smooth. 

Sexy Skin Toner rose water helps moisturize and balance the skin's pH

Using rose water to moisturize and improve skin problems is a beauty trend that most people respond to, especially those with dry, rough or acne-prone skin. Besides, when cared for by rose water, the skin also easily absorbs nutrients from the cream. 

Sexy Skin Toner rose water
Sexy Skin Toner rose water

Specifically, Sexy Skin Toner gives users the following 3 great benefits:

  • Helps whiten skin.
  • Helps balance skin pH.
  • Helps moisturize and soften skin.

White Perfect D4 anti-acne cream to fade dark scars

As a product containing many natural nutrients that soothe the skin and fade dark spots, White Perfect D4 cream is effective in preventing acne and whitening the skin. In particular, White Perfect D4 cream helps tighten pores, giving you smooth, radiant skin.

Uses of White Perfect D4 cream

  • Protect from acne.
  • Prevent dark spots.
  • Tighten pores.
  • Smooth white skin care.

White Perfect D3 sunscreen

Improved and upgraded compared to the previous version of White Perfect D3 sunscreen, White Perfect D3 Glass Skin, in addition to possessing the outstanding features of the old version, also scores absolute points with consumers. Use the following capabilities:

  • Creates a smooth, bright white makeup layer for the skin.
  • Sun protection, water resistance SPF 50+ PA++++ 
  • Sun protection, helps protect skin against negative effects from the environment. Prevents harmful effects from UVA/UVB ultraviolet rays of sunlight.
  • Protects skin from blue light from computers/phones and infrared rays.
  • Suitable for girls who want to wear makeup and protect their skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.
  • Intensive skin whitening, nourishing skin from within.
  • Helps reduce dark spots and treat uneven skin tone.
  • Does not cause oily or dry skin.

Basic information:

Storage: Store in a cool place. Avoid the sun. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Irritation criteria: does not cause skin irritation.

Expiry date: 3 years from date of manufacture.

Origin information:

- Made in Vietnam

-Responsible for bringing products to market: Happy Secret Co., Ltd. - Top White Cosmetics