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Top White Complete Body Whitening Kit


Smooth white skin is what most women dream of; But luck doesn't come to everyone. Don't be sad though, you can whiten your skin with a simple method at home - Use Top White D7+D8+D9+D10 body care set. 

Top White body whitening set
Top White body whitening set

1. Top White D7 skin whitening shower gel

Like other products in the White Perfect line,  Skin Perfect D7 body whitening shower gel  is made from natural ingredients that are safe for the skin. Not only does it cleanse the skin,  Skin Perfect D7 whitening shower gel  also helps moisturize, smooth, and whiten the whole body.

Uses of   Skin Perfect D7 skin whitening shower gel

• Helps cleanse the skin, removing dead skin cells and dull, dry outer skin.
• Provides nutrients to effectively whiten and moisturize the skin
• Does not cause skin irritation, safe and suitable for many skin types.

Top White D7 skin whitening shower gel
Top White D7 skin whitening shower gel 

2. Top White D8 whitening cream

Uses of White Perfect Body D8 whitening cream

White Perfect Body D8 helps whiten skin by 2-3 tones right from the first use, making skin soft and smooth. Main ingredients from Japanese green tea powder help moisturize and prevent oxidation, along with fruit extracts. Fresh plants have the effect of cleaning dead skin cells and effectively helping to tighten pores. Besides, D8 whitening cream provides Collagen nutrients and Vitamin B3 to help whiten, moisturize, protect the skin, limit the production of melanin pigments that cause dark spots and increase skin elasticity.

  • Pure natural ingredients:  With extracts from fresh fruits, Japanese green tea matcha, vitamin B3 and Collagen and many other benign ingredients to help you safely improve your skin's white tone, the product is suitable for you. suitable for many skin types.  
  • More convenient with just one step:  If  the previous generation Top White whitening cream  required many steps, with this improved product, you only need to use D8 in one step. It's quick, convenient, and especially effective. 
Top White D8 whitening cream
Top White D8 whitening cream

3. Top White D9 body whitening cream

White Perfect Body D9 lotion helps whiten the whole body, moisturizes and makes the skin soft and smooth. In addition, the nutrients from Body D9 will penetrate deeply into the skin, not making your skin dry or itchy.

Uses of some main ingredients:

✨ Alpha - Arbutin and Vitamin B3: Helps whiten skin, helps resolve dark spots and uneven skin tone.

✨ Seaweed extract, witch hazel extract, rice bran oil, almond oil, Roman chamomile essence in oil form: Helps moisturize, soothe and protect the skin against environmental damage. 

✨ Pure Nano Collagen refined from silk: Helps prevent wrinkles, helps increase skin elasticity. 

Top White D9 body whitening cream
Top White D9 body whitening cream

4. White Perfect Scrub Body D10 dead skin cleansing gel

Uses of Top White D10 dead skin cleansing gel:

  • Cleans dead skin cells
  • Nourish skin, soften skin and brighten skin.
  • Helps skin naturally smooth.
  • Smoothes pores, moisturizes.
  • Does not cause dry skin
  • Prevents oxidation and prevents aging effectively for the skin
White Perfect Scrub Body D10 dead skin cleansing gel
White Perfect Scrub Body D10 dead skin cleansing gel
Natural ingredients found in  White Perfect Scrub Body D10
  • Gluconobacter/Honey Ferment Filtrate  (Fermented honey) has outstanding beauty effects containing high levels of Gluconic Acid. This is a component of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). This ingredient helps loosen the bonds between dead skin cells, helping the dead skin cleansing process happen better.
  • Prunus Armeniaca Seed Powder  (Apricot Seed Powder) has the effect of gently cleansing dead cells on the surface of the skin. Open pores help skin feel naturally smooth and do not cause dry skin.
  • Acer Saccharum Extract  is rich in natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is very useful for cleaning dead skin cells. In addition, it also helps improve the softness and smoothness of the whole body.
  • Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract  (Roman Chamomile Extract) is rich in vitamin B complex that has the ability to soothe the skin and moisturize the skin extremely well. Even better, this extract has the ability to prevent oxidation and protect the skin against factors that cause skin aging.
  • Gentiana Lutea Root Extract  originates from Central and Southern Europe. This ingredient has the ability to prevent skin aging.
  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract  is rich in vitamins A, B, C and minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium... Helps prevent strong oxidation, maintaining the necessary oiliness on the skin.

Basic information:

Storage: Store in a cool place. Avoid the sun. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Irritation criteria: does not cause skin irritation.