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Top White Baby Face Regenerate Cream BB1


Age, sunlight and negative environmental impacts are common causes of dark skin. Understanding this, the Top White brand has launched a product line to help fade melasma Baby Face BB1, with natural extracts to help improve dark spots. 

Cream uses to help fade melasma Baby Face BB1

When in contact with the skin, Baby Face BB1 ​​cream will help fade dark spots and moisturize the skin. After just a few weeks of use according to the instructions of a beautician, users will feel positive changes on their face. Including dark spots fading, skin becomes more elastic.

In addition, Baby Face BB1 ​​also has the ability to soothe the skin, thereby helping to strengthen the skin's protective barrier against negative environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays, dust, etc. Excellent quality at an affordable price helps This product becomes the ideal choice for most women.

Cream ingredients help lighten melasma Baby Face BB1

BB1 melasma lightening cream is produced at the Happy Secret factory, under the supervision of experienced experts in the industry.

Ingredients for producing BB1 cream to help lighten melasma include many ingredients extracted from nature such as:

  • Extracted from corn, olive oil and vitamin E help moisturize.
  • Roman chamomile extract in oil form, helps moisturize and soothe the skin.
  • Extracted from white willow and sugar cane helps brighten skin.
  • Refined essence from soybeans using the hydrogenation method helps optimally protect, soothe and moisturize the skin.
  • Extracted from honey, fruit juice and wine helps lighten melasma.
  • Is a neutral derivative of gluconolactone (natural origin) that helps lighten melasma. 

How to use Baby Face BB1 ​​melasma lightening cream

Take a sufficient amount of cream and apply it evenly on your face, massage gently to let the cream absorb into the skin, use 2 - 3 times a day (Morning - Evening).

*** Detailed instructions on how to use the Baby Face skin whitening and melasma fading product set to achieve effectiveness:

Morning: Wash face with BB5, apply cream to help fade melasma BB1, apply sunscreen BB3.

Evening: Remove makeup with BB4, wash face with BB5, apply cream to help fade melasma BB1.

Note: You should use Baby Face BB1 ​​cream for 3 - 7 days, then go through the care step with Baby Face BB2 (instead of BB1). Every 2 weeks, return to BB1 regenerating cream.

Helping improve dark skin, freckles or brown spots becomes easier than ever thanks to Baby Face BB1 ​​melasma lightening cream.

Cream helps regenerate and fade melasma Baby Face BB1
Cream helps fade melasma Baby Face BB1

More information about Top White Cosmetics

Happy Secret Company - Top White cosmetic brand was established in 2013, specializing in manufacturing and distributing cosmetic lines to prevent melasma, acne, skin whitening, high-end makeup products and beauty care lines to help Women are more confident with their appearance.

All Top White products are manufactured at Happy Secret factory. In addition to skin care, Top White also produces lip balm, eyelash serum, skin brightening cream... and a number of high-end product lines that will be launched in the near future.

With technological strengths and rich experience, Top White has continuously researched and improved product quality from raw materials that meet strict standards such as Ecocert, Cosmos, these are standards for Leading raw material sources in the world, ensuring safety and optimal effectiveness. Thanks to that, the Top White brand is always at the forefront and strives to create global beauty care trends.

Under the leadership of CEO Cao Thi Thuy Dung, Top White has implemented many effective business strategies, including improving product quality and enhancing customer care services. From there, we help millions of women "transform" successfully and live richer and happier lives.

To date, Top White has developed a system with thousands of domestic and foreign distributors and agents such as Vietnam, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Cambodia... No matter where they are, customers can buy genuine products easily and quickly.

Top White's products are highly appreciated and received many prestigious awards such as "Safe quality products for public health in 2014", "Entrepreneur, typical enterprise in 2015", "Entrepreneur, Typical businesses with many contributions to the social community - Typical managers of the Ho Chi Minh era in 2016", "Top 10 excellent strong brands" in 2018, marking the success of an American brand Vietnamese products have an international level.

Top White Cosmetics would like to sincerely thank all customers for their trust over the past 10 years, and will make more efforts to meet everyone's expectations in the coming time.

Best regards!

Basic information of Baby Face BB1 ​​cream:

Storage: Store in a cool place. Avoid the sun. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Expiry date: 3 years from date of manufacture.