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Sexy Color Lips Balm More specifically, when using Sexy Color Lips Balm, your lips will be covered with bright pink lipstick. This is a way to both nourish the lips and bring a radiant beauty to the lips without causing dryness, flaking, and cracking like some other poor quality products. Specifically, the uses of Sexy Color Lips Balm are encapsulated as follows: Provides Collagen and Elastin to help smooth and plump lips. Helps to give the lips a natural pink color. Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, increase lip elasticity. Restore damage caused by ultraviolet rays or by using lead-containing lipsticks that cause darkening and damage to lips. Nourishing pink lips. Heals the damage caused by the impact of the environment and weather such as chapped lips, peeling, dry lips ... Sexy Color Lips Balm has high quality ingredients