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Slimming Day Collagen new generation of fat reduction - 200g

$50.00 $40.00

Shape correction can not only be done at night or at night. Slimming Day Collagien was born to meet the need to speed up the process of getting in shape with a standard form quickly.

Slimming Day Collagien can help you reduce your measurements without any aids, however, as mentioned above, Slimming Day Collagien is a support product for Slimming Body, in order to prevent fat tissue from becoming frozen again. It also helps keep fat tissue soft for easy weight loss. So the reduction is also very slow compared to Slimming body. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, we recommend that customers use both sets of products at the same time for best results.

In addition, after getting a good shape, many women still use Slimming Day Collagien daily to maintain a toned waist.


- Massage cream to help melt fat and tighten sagging skin (for abdomen, legs, arms, back)

- Skin care, skin regeneration, anti-wrinkle, promote the process of fading stretch marks.

– Maintain body shape without dieting

- Especially supplemented with olive essence - a miracle nutrient for the skin with a lot of skin rejuvenation and restorative care effects.

- The product is completely extracted from nature, safe to use while breastfeeding.


100% natural ingredients such as olive, red ginseng essence, collagen, grass, grapefruit peel, mint, camphor, cinnamon, ginger melaleuca...

How to use:

Use the product twice a day (morning - afternoon)

Apply a thin layer of cream on the area of ​​​​the skin that needs to reduce fat - fade stretch marks and massage for 5 minutes.

Wrap a layer of plastic wrap around the area of ​​​​Collagen application for better absorption of Collagen.

Wear the belly shaping gene belt (can be worn inside or outside the shirt as you like) and adjust the 2 elastic bands to fit tightly to the area that needs to be reduced fat in 1-2 hours. Then remove the belt and nylon, clean the skin with a dry towel or tissue.