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Shiseido Anessa Tone Up Skin Brightening UV Sunscreen Gel N SPF50+ PA++++ 90g

$36.00 $28.00

Shiseido Anessa Whitening UV Gel is medicated gel-type sunscreen with various functionalities including UV protection, whitening, skin moisturization, and makeup base effect. This product has renewed in late February 2022 with some lovely changes you cannot miss it.

According to Shiseido, every person has risks of spots and the like when a skin gets exposed to sweat, sebum, and friction even if he/she stays home all day long. To avoid this, it is recommended to apply sun care item every day, and this product will assist your skincare.

  • The lavender-colored gel gives a tone-up effect and makes your skin look brighter.
  • Tranexamic acid delays the melanin generation and prevents spots and freckles while.
  • Two botanical formulas, collagen, super hyaluronic acid, and glycerin provides fine skin hydration.
  • The gel texture has aquatic and fresh feel and can be easily removed with soap.
  • The gel is designed to ensure durable waterproof effect so it is a suitable sunscreen for every activity with an exposure of scorching sunlight such as outdoor leisure and swimming.
  • It will not easily get smudged even under your face mask.
  • Can use this product as a makeup base.
  • It is tested for allergies and comedogenics.

In the end of your daily makeup routine, take a pearl-sized amount of Anessa gel on your hand, then spread the gel to your entire face. If you do not use a foundation, reapply additional pearl-sized amount.

For neck, take 3 pearl-sized amount of the gel, and smooth it including ears and neckline. For body parts, apply a generous amount of the gel evenly.

You can rinse off the gel with a normal facial wash and shower gel.

  • Net contents: 90g
  • UV performance: SPF50+ / PA++++
  • Active ingredients: M-tranexamic acid, tormentilla root extract, green tea extract, glycerin, collagen, hyaluronic acid
  • Gel texture: Watery gel-type
  • Notes: You cannot obtain enough UV protection effect if you do not apply sufficiently. For longer and better results, reapply it every 2~3 hours.
  • Made in Japan