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SexyHair ArtistryPro Curly Refined Styling Paste - 2.5 oz (Buy 3 Get 1 Free Mix & Match)


Refined by artistrypro is a highly versatile styling paste that helps create texture and definition on all hair types and styles. With a pliable long-lasting hold up to 72 hours, this paste allows you to easily reshape the hair throughout the day if needed. Ideal for building fullness and bulk, Refined leaves the hair with a satin matte finish, while providing up to 48 hours of humidity resistance and frizz control.


How To Use:

Apply a small amount of styling paste to your hands, emulsify and apply to dry hair for a pliable hold and to mold your hair into versatile styles.

Pro Tip: Refined is a great product for the paste user who wants defined styling in a consistency that is easy to use & work throughout the hair. Refined gives you the ability to define the hair with a medium hold that will help bring out the texture of any haircut.