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Sweet Romance Set of 3 Inspirational Stacking Rings


Ring Size


This is a SET of 3 stacking rings with hundreds of 5 star reviews. They're stylish and working their magic inspiring wearers with the inspirational meaning they possess.
Wear them together or stack and mix with other rings to create a new combination every time you wear them. Dress your soul (and body!) with motivational reminders that inspire positive energy in your life. Fabulous on your pointer or as pinky rings! Size: 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Made in our Los Angeles studio, each ring is individually cast and then clad in bronze, silver or 14K. Stones are all premium crystal, for gorgeous color and refractive quality. Arrives ready to gift. Rings are cast individually for each order order and are not subject to returns or exchanges. 
These boho stack ring sets are available as shown:
A - Serenity
B - Longevity
C - Reflection
D - Harmony
E- Balance.
F - Wisdom

*** The ring sets featured on the hand, from left to right: D - Harmony, E - Balance, F - Wisdom ***