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Genie Serum Moisturizing Florami Volume Skin Up Ha+ 30 ml

$64.00 $53.00

Serum Genie Florami Moisturizing Volume Skin Up Ha +

The best solution to provide instant water for the skin simply, effectively without spending too much time and effort. Just a few drops of HA for your skin every day, you immediately have smooth, soft skin.

A deficiency of HA causes wrinkles and skin to age quickly. Therefore, using 1 drop of HA every day will contribute to supplementing the deficiency of HA for the skin to make the skin smooth.


Ingredients & Features:

  • Extracts from natural HA and nutrients to help moisturize skin extremely effectively.
  • HA helps to quickly re-hydrate the skin for severe dehydration.
  • Dehydration is one of the causes of dry skin, dull skin, rough skin lacking vitality.
  • A macro-molecular water structure has the ability to quickly penetrate to the dermis and dermis layer of the skin, helping to provide the necessary water for the skin to make the skin youthful and smooth.



  • Hyaluronic acid effectively provides and holds water for plump, supple skin.

  • Dimeprotein is extracted from yellow silk cocoons to increase the texture of the skin.

  • Glycerin helps moisturize the skin, ensuring water and nutrients are not evaporated.

  • Universal stem cells work to regenerate new skin and restore damaged skin.



  • The super nutrients in Serum Florami Volume Skin UP Ha + will rehydrate the skin, moisturize the skin, and control the excess lubricant on the skin, restore damaged areas, and regenerate new skin to help smooth skin. 

  • Replenishes water and moisturizes the skin regularly.
  • Ability to connect collagen, elastin, fibroblast cells closely, maintaining the structure of the skin.

  • The essence of HA penetrates quickly into the skin to help skin soft, smooth after only 1 night.

  • Reduces skin dryness, rough skin, lack of vitality, effective pigmentation

  • Helps regenerate skin, increases skin elasticity, helps the skin become firmer.

  • Tighten the skin surface, reduce wrinkles effectively.

  • It provides essential water for the skin, helps slow down the aging process.

  • Regulate the amount of oil on the skin, reducing acne. The skin is brighter and more evenly colored day by day.

  • Does not contain alcohol and toxic substances do not cause greasy or clog pores. Benign products, suitable for all skin types.


How to Use 

Take 3-5 drops of Genie moisturizing essence into your hand, absorb evenly on your face, and pat for best absorption. Everyone should get into the habit of using the product every day to see noticeable results.