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Royal Placenta 500,000 Made In Japan The Highest Collagen Ingredients

$207.00 $190.00

Royal Placenta 500,000 Made In Japan THE HIGHEST COLLAGEN INGREDIENTS

Extracted entirely from rare natural resources, have been clinically studied and carefully tested by leading experts in Japan.


Main ingredients:

Pig placenta extract: 500,000 mg

Fish collagen: 20,000 mg 

Fermented plant extract: 10,800 mg 

Refined honey: 5,400 mg

Fresh royal jelly: 1,008 mg

Pomegranate concentrate concentrate: 201.60 mg

Bird's nest extract: 93.63 mg

Red wine extract powder: 50.40 mg

Hyaluronic acid: 50.40 mg

Elastin: 50.40 mg

Purple chamomile extract: 25.20 mg

Salmon cartilage extract: 21.60 mg

Rose essence extract: 7.20 mg

Cherry blossom extract: 7.20 mg

L-cystine: 7.20 mg

Coenzyme Q10: 7.20 mg

Vitamin B1: 7.20 mg

Vitamin B2: 7.20 mg

Vitamin B6: 7.20 mg

Vitamin B12 0.1%: 7.2 mg


Main Ingredients and Features:

  • Pig placenta: The main ingredient in Royal Placenta drinking water is very high up to 500,000 mg. Made from 100% fresh pig placenta, strictly tested from Japan, has anti-aging effects, enhances elasticity for the skin, reduces wrinkles quickly, strengthens hair, strengthens bones and cartilage, prevents cataract ...
  •  Fish collagen: An indispensable ingredient in Japanese Royal Placenta drinking water extracted from catfish from deep sea, completely clean and pure, has the effect of increasing lubrication for joints, promoting cartilage growth and reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Royal jelly: Royal jelly works to increase the body's resistance, prevent insomnia and anorexia, but besides royal jelly in Royal Placenta has the main effect of softening the skin and moisturizing skin.
  • Pure honey: Is an effective antibacterial active ingredient, helps fight against harmful bacteria to the body, so that the body is healthier and skin tone is firmer and younger.
  • Bird's nest, vitamins and Coenzyme Q10: Strengthens bones, optimizes aging, provides essential vitamins for the skin.
  • Fermented plant extracts: Including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, beneficial acids that help fight antioxidants, boost the immune system, improve the intestinal tract, lower cholesterol and triglycerides ....



Royal Placenta has a delicious smell, easy to drink, and usage is also very simple.
- Dosage: 20 ml/day,measure by a cup included in the box. Can be taken with fruit juice.

- Expiry date: 24 months from the date of manufacture.



Do not use the product after the expiry date.

Do not use for people who are sensitive to any ingredients of the product.