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Orihiro Dokudami Tea 3g x 60 Bags

  • This Orihiro tea is extracted from 100% dried fish lettuce leaves, no additives and preservatives. 
  • The product is manufactured in GMP certified factory by Japan Association of Food Health and Nutrition.
  • This oriental tea is considered a precious medicine that has the effect of healing for health and beauty.
  • It has many uses as antibacterial, parasitic killer, anti-cancer effect and especially it is regarded as "the pharmacy" effective for patients with hemorrhoids, constipation, fever in children, irregular menstruation, boils, kidney stones, etc.
  • This Japanese handmade Orihiro Tea has reduced the bitter taste and taste of the vegetables but kept the nutrient content. 
  • Thus, the product is easy to drink, very delicious and has the effect of purifying the body, detoxifying, antiseptic, while supporting the treatment of endocrine acne, help stimulate the digestive system, hormone balance of the muscle, and help maintain health.
  • It also helps to improve beautiful skin, anti-aging and help reduce the risk of cancer.

Capacity: 3g x 60 packs

How to Use:

  1. Put a bag of tea into the kettle, pour boiling water and immediately pour water.
  2. Pour boiling water into the teapot again and wait 1-2 minutes to enjoy. Can be added second time and continue to use.