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NMN Aishodo 12000 Japan - Skin Rejuvenation Pills 60 Tablets (30 Days)

$350.00 $265.00

What is NMN?

 a-NMN stands for Nicotinamide mononucleotide - which occurs in human cells. It plays a role inctivating genes, producing energy, and maintaining cell vitality. Our body as we age will gradually lose NMN, leading to aging and disease. Therefore, supplementing with NMN is an extremely effective method to rejuvenate the body, slowing down the aging process (due to age).

In addition to the positive effects on health, NMN also helps reduce factors that cause wrinkles, dark spots, and regenerate healthy skin.

NMN Aishodo 12000 Japan - Skin rejuvenation pill 1

Introduction of NMN . pills

NMN Aishodo 12000 is a functional food thoroughly researched by Japanese experts. The product contains precious NMN along with placenta essence, Coq10, Hyaluronic Acid, ... both help rejuvenate the body, protect health, prevent disease, and support skin beautification from the inside, making the skin beautiful. slow down the aging process.