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Missha Hot Burning Body Gel 200 ml



[Missha] Hot Burning Body Gel 200ml

The Hot Burning Body Gel helps to shape and firm formula for a beautiful bodyline. Contains of Ishige okamurae, Bitter Orange Extract, Green tea, Menthol, and Capsaicin ingredients to give a refreshing, cooling. The relieving and calming Gel makes unwanted fat smoother and thiner. Ultimately creates resilient and elastic skin. Bitter orange extract controls unnecessary moisture, creating skin more sleek that once was uneven.





[How to Use]

Massage over body, applying more onto areas with extra fat or cellulite. * Apply onto dry skin. * Exercising after application will give more effective results. * Skin may turn red after application. This is the ingredients working for the heating effect. * Exposure to hot water may cause skin irritation. * Avoid for 1 hour after use. *Do not use under 3 year-old * Using day and night consistently would provide better effect. * Wash your hands after massaging since the active ingredients may be left on your hands, giving uncomfortable feeling. * You may feel the change of your body shape when using for more than 3 weeks with working out together.