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Mibiti Prudente Nipple Brightening Nuwhite N1

$58.00 $47.00

Mibiti Prudente Nipple Brightening Nuwhite N1


Product Information:

Description: This is a product of Mibiti Prudente, designed to be used ONLY by professionals, who are thoroughly trained and experienced with chemical peels. It helps toneutralize the residue of the acids after stage 6 and supply vitamin B5 that helps to restore the skin.


Active ingredients:

-         Sodium bicarbonate: used to neutralize all the acids to stop the peel from going any deeper.

-         Plant placenta extract: particularly noted to have similarity in amino acid content acting as bio-activator for natural skin development, thus revitalizing cells naturally. Plant placenta regenerates and invigorates the skin, enhances the release of stem cells, stimulates cell renewal, improves oxygen supply in our cells and increases protein synthesis in our skin to maintain its radiance and youthfulness. The powerful properties also strengthen skin cells against premature photo-ageing and chronological ageing; thus, concluding the perfect rejuvenated, revitalized and regenerated skin.

-         Aloe vera extract: in pure form, aloe vera’s benefits on skin are probably its lack of occlusion and the refreshing sensation it provides. Aloe serves as a water-binding agent for skin due to its polysaccharide (complex carbohydrate) and sterol content. Research has shown aloe also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial qualities.

-         Chamomile extract: chamomile has moderate antioxidant and antimicrobial activities, and significant anti-platelet activity in vitro. Animal model studies indicate it may have potent anti-inflammatory action, some antimutagenic and cholesterol-lowering activities, as well as antispasmotic and anxiolytic effects.

-         Dexpanthenol: hydrates, emollient, anti-inflammatory, relieves itching and soothes sunburn, stimulates cellular proliferation and aids in tissue repair. Also improves skin hydration.