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Melsmon Platinum Liquid Placenta 10ml x 30 Pieces

$154.00 $105.00

Melsmon 0.34oz. Placenta Platinum Liquid - 30 Pieces.

Package: 10 ml X 30 pcs, natural placenta extract.

Dosage: take once a day before meal.

Maker: Melsmon Pharmaceutical co. ltd

Precautions and contraindications: please follow the dosage, keep out of reach of children in cool dry place, avoiding sunlight.

Active ingridients of Melsmon Placenta include:

All necessary Amino Acids,

Patented Vitamin complex

General Mineral complex for your beauty.

Elite placenta extract used for production.

MELSMON PLATINUM Placenta Gold Liquid from Japan is real VIP Placenta by Melsmon for drinking every day. This is a brand-new anti-aging therapy not requiring hospital or injections. Product includes all necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals for your beauty and health at any age. Elite placenta extract by Melsmon from Japan is used in the production of this drinking preparation. Our experts are always ready to help you. Write to us, ask any question. Please pay attention that drinking the placenta Melsmon effectively solves the following tasks:

general rejuvenation and anti aging therapy for your body

increase in cellular activity and deep revitalization

nutrition and support for skin cells at deep level

overall improvement in color and skin health

increase immunity and barrier functions