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Mason Pearson Popular Bristle and Nylon Brush - Dark Ruby [IN-STORE PURCHASE ONLY]



Mason Pearson B1 Hairbrush
Have you got long, fine hair? Then B1 is most suitable for you. The B1 from Mason Pearson is the largest brush from the English brand, and the brush hair is 100% boar bristle, making it perfect for fine to normal hair. B stands for boar, while 1 describes the large size.

Gloss and volume
When you use the brush, it stimulates and massages the scalp, and the natural oils of the scalp are scattered along the lengths of the hair. The oils help to give the hair a natural glow and add volume. Mason Pearson recommends that you brush through the hair 100 times each day. This way, you make sure to provide your hair with the optimum amount of oils. And the difference is clear: the hair gets combed ultra-closely thanks to the many natural bristle hairs.

A brush for your brush
When you receive your Mason Pearson brush, you get an additional small brush. The small brush is to be used to clean the large brush. By brushing the bristle hair with the small brush, you remove excess oils and dirt from the brush. It is important to use the small brush occasionally, because only in this way will your B1 hairbrush be able to do its wonders.

Mason Pearson
The iconic hairbrushes, which come in different colors, are made by the English brand Mason Pearson. All of the brushes are handmade in England. The founder, Mason Pearson himself, established the brand in 1885 and ever since, the Pearson family has made sure that we can make the most of our hair.

• Type of hair: Boar
• Size: Large
• Suitable for: Fine to normal hair