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LEBODY Form Body Toner/Massager Basic Kit



  • Basic Kit Includes: 
    FORM Body Toner/Massager
    Charging Cradle with Micro USB Cable
    3 Massage Creams
  • LEBODY FORM is body tightening and contouring device using electric current (Medium Frequency alternating Current). It helps to strengthen muscles and increase energy consumption to burn fat components in body by stimulating muscles with Mid-frequency. Also relieves muscle pain by massaging stiff muscle quickly after intense workout.


  • LEBODY FORM uses 1,000 Hz range which has least skin resistance and less pain & inconvenience among mid-frequency(1KHz~10KHz). Electrical current of Mid-Frequency is penetrated deeply into the muscle beneath skin. Mid-frequency stimulates muscles directly.


  • LEBODY FORM is the final choice for nice body line. Mid-frequency of LEBODY FORM strenthens muscles and decreases body fat component by increasing cellular metabolism. It improves body skin electricity and reduces swelling. LEBODY FORM is for those who need to manage their body line regularly as supplementtary workout and for those who want to lose weight more effectively.


  • 6 steps of Intensity & 2 different mode (GYM, SLIM) : User can freely choose the intensity and mode according to user condition and preference. It detects body contact and protect skin due to the user's carelessness. LEBODY FORM delivers safe and uniform amperage for patients regardless of patients condition. (Patent NO.10-1646092)


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