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LEBODY Face Facial Toning Device

$259.00 $208.00


  • Contains Only Device: 
  • A home facial care device that gives vital, elastic and lifting effects to skin cells using micro current.


  • Micro-current assists in the absorption of active ingredients and promotes collagen and elastin production through cell activation. Helps improve skin elasticity and skin tone.


  • Lebody FACE makes amazing skin changes with only 10 minutes of treatment.


  • US FDA Registered

How to Use:

  • 1. Wash your face : After cleansing and removing the water, apply Renewal Up Cream(or You using cream) on the face evenly.
    2. Power ON : Press the power button for 2~3 seconds to turn on the power.
    3. Choose the mode which you want to use, Intensity Control : Press the - or + button for 2~3 seconds to select the mode to use. - Press the + or - button briefly to adjust the intensity. Recommended time for each mode is 5 minutes.
    4. Use : Output part of the micro current completely touches the skin to use. Micro-current generator will turn off automatically after 10 munutes.