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Lanci Miracle Ampoule



Lanci Miracle Ampoule.

The Lanci Miracle Ampoule Super Serum is a combination of all the essential features for the skin to eliminate common defects: dull skin, dark pigmentation, acne, hidden acne, and signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity.



Lanci Serum Lanci Miracle Ampoule with main ingredients are salicylic acid, 24 types of peptides, glutathione, and natural essences to help balance moisture, promote the elimination of dead cells to unclog pores, treat hidden acne, nourish whiten and improve wrinkles, maintain healthy, smooth, smooth skin.

The anti-aging serum Lanci Miracle Ampoule can improve dull skin, dark spots, acne, hidden acne, and marks. Also, it can ease the aging effects such as wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity.

Skin Type: All skin types


Balances moisture, restores skin outer layer

Prevent and treat acne

Improve dark spots, restore damaged skin

Tighten skin pores

Increase elasticity, firmness of the skin

Minimize wrinkles

Exfoliates surface eliminates damaged cells, unclog pores

Skin whitening, melamine blurring, darkening to help light and healthy skin tone

Increase elasticity, firm the skin, minimize wrinkles, aging


Main ingredients

● Hawaii deep seawater (1000m depth) - where the sun cannot shine. The sea has an abundant source of minerals that help the skin stay healthy, fresh, balance moisture, and restore damaged cells.

● Salicylic acid: An ingredient that helps to remove dead skin cells on the surface, leaving pores clear and preventing acne.

● Vitamin B5: Provides nutrients to the skin, moisturizes, restores damaged cells

● 24 types of peptides: Particularly necessary for the skin, fixing internal skin problems, maintaining youthful and healthy skin.

● Glutathione: Strong anti-oxidant, whitening, darkening, melamine inhibition causing darkening, freckles. Glutathione helps skin tone and radiance.


How to use:

After using toner or essence, take an appropriate amount of the product and apply it on your face and gently pat to absorb the solution deep into the skin.



Tip 1: Use as a mask

Apply a sufficient amount of product on a soft cotton pad and use it as a normal face function.

Tip 2: Apply one more layer