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Lanci Daily Natural Cleansing Milk 300 ml

$42.00 $34.00

Lanci Daily Natural Cleansing Milk.

Introducing Lanci Daily Natural Cleansing Milk Korea

Lanci Daily Natural Cleansing Milk Korean Cleansing Milk contains natural ingredients rich in nutrients, moisture, vitamins for healthy skin, anti-aging. The skin is filtered, cleaned extremely gently, safe, has no chemical odor, does not cause irritation, this is a plus point of Lanci bleach that you should not ignore.

Lanci Daily Natural Cleansing Milk integrates these advantages and improves oil and water-based makeup removers. Because the product has been emulsified, it saves time to deeply clean all 3 layers of skin, eyes, and environment. With main extract from truffles will heal and hydrate right after the skin is cleaned.

Ingredients Lanci Daily Natural Cleansing Milk Korean Cleansing Milk

- Birch extract: Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

- Chamomile: Soothes the skin, narrows the pores.

- Rhizophora root: Contains vitamins and minerals to soften the skin.

Papaya leaves: anti-oxidant, anti-aging skin.

- Truffle Mushroom: Black diamonds are true because the price is extremely expensive. In medicine, using this ingredient to prevent cancer cells, always understand how powerful the skin cells' anti-oxidant resistance is. Easy to understand, if the skin is naturally weak, the Truffle Mushroom is like a vitamin loaded with energy, increasing the resistance.

Uses Lanci Daily Natural Cleansing Milk Korean Cleansing Milk

- Clean skin, remove make-up, daily sunscreen gently.

- Clean deeply in the pores, prevent melamine formation, darkening of the skin

- Provides nutrients for bright, fresh skin

- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, reduce the risk of acne

- Replenishes necessary moisture, maintains a soft, smooth skin, prevents uncomfortable dryness

- Reduce oily, tighten pores

- You can safely use eye and lip makeup remover

- Anti-oxidant, protect skin cells, slow down the aging process, wrinkles.