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Korean Hemia Weight Loss Apple Jelly 10 Packs

$40.00 $33.00
Hemia weight loss apple jelly, beautiful skin, keep shape, lose weight, lose fat, lose fat, safe Secrets TO OWN "EO 56" ONLY 30 seconds / DAY with apple jelly for weight loss Hemia Sitting to work 8 hours / day or unable to diet after giving birth is the main reason why she loses her slim waistline in the middle of a girl. Let it be #Hemia helps her soon regain confidence with a slim waist, well-balanced body as desired without spending too much time practicing with apple jelly products for weight loss diet. Slim - Burn excess fat in the body - Regenerating postpartum physique - Eliminate fats that have accumulated for a long time - Products extracted 100% from nature, no side effects, no harm to health, no fatigue - Easy to eat, no need to diet - Helps reduce 2-5kg depending on the location of each person Ingredient: - Each package contains + Lotus leaf extract; 220mg + Apple extract: 80mg + Celery extract: 60mg + Extract: 50mg + White tea extract: 30mg + Yeast extract: 3mg (Imported materials HQ) And Sorbi.tol, carrageenan accessories, just enough purified water. Usage: Use 1 pack before or after eating depending on the location of each person - Health warning: + Do not use for pregnant women, pregnant women under 6 months old, children, people with high blood pressure, people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, people with background diseases, people with background diseases, people Hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the product. + Keep out of reach of children. + This food is not a medicine and has no effect as a substitute for medicine. - Advice: Use in the morning for best results. Drink plenty of water, at least 2-3 liters of warm water per day (do not drink cold water). + Limit starchy foods, greasy, sweets, carbonated drinks, alcohol, should eat a lot of green vegetables, fresh fruits, combine exercise. - Preservation: + Dry, cool place. + Avoid direct sunlight