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DERMA Ketamo Melting Fat Cream 50 g

$22.00 $13.00

Fat melting cream is not a strange product to Eva in the present time when people gain weight at home and are afraid of being fat. In order to meet the needs of consumers, a series of belly fat melting cream products were born. Each product has its own distinct advantages. In which Ketamo fat melting cream from Derma brand is noticed as a benign product - not hot, no need to massage when used, but surprisingly effective.

Derma Ketamo fat-melting cream - A flexible and benign fat-dissolving solution

If the female body is specific, some people have only belly fat, arm fat, etc., just fat in one body area. When facing this problem, almost everyone thinks of a weight loss solution such as Gym, weight loss tea, ..

But, busy, how to exercise regularly and properly?

Tea or weight loss pills, how to reduce only an oversized body area?

Therefore, Ketamo Fat Melt Cream is an extremely flexible option for customers. Depending on where the need to reduce excess fat is, Ketamo can be used there.

Ketamo fat melting cream from Derma will help you:

  • Melt belly fat
  • Reduce thigh fat
  • Get rid of arm fat
  • Slim waist area
  • Even melting chin fat

Uses of Ketamo - effective high-end fat-burning cream

The main use of ketamo products is the ability to penetrate deeply through the skin surface, stimulate blood circulation, and the ability to destroy and discharge fat through sweat and urine.
- Firming the fat
- melting area - Moisturizing, smooth skin

Key ingredients of Ketamo Derma

The ingredients that make up an effective fat-burning cream like Ketamo include: Cinnamon and Ginger, Cinnamomum, Citrust Maxima, Zingiber, Vaseline, ...

Cinnamon and ginger are known for their wonderful effects on stimulating blood circulation, burning and burning. However, when it comes to urticaria, many people are often afraid because they are afraid of causing heat, burning skin ...

But with KETAMO's exclusive technology and formula, it is completely COOL when applied directly to the skin.
Just apply 1 layer really thin on the skin need to melt fat, absolutely no need to massage or wrap, apply cumbersome to worry about bothering the user.


How to use Ketamo to effectively reduce excess fat

  1. Clean the skin that needs to melt fat
  2. Apply a thin layer on the skin you want to reduce fat (no need to massage)
    - Visible effect after 7-10 days of use
    - Firm, smooth skin
    - It is recommended to combine gentle exercise or jogging for about 10 minutes every day. days to increase efficiency quickly.


  • Keep in dry places
  • The HSD printed on the packaging lasts 3 years from the date of manufacture.