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Iglow Hair 3in1 Black Coverage Shampoo - 15 ml


Korean Iglow Hair silver hair shampoo does not contain ammonia, does not cause irritation, does not blacken the scalp. The product has a 3-in-1 formula, both silver coating, shampooing and conditioning. It only takes 10 minutes, right at home, you can blacken your hair

Korean Iglow Hair silver hair shampoo does not contain ammonia, does not cause irritation, does not blacken the scalp. The product has a 3-in-1 formula, both silver coating, shampooing and conditioning. It only takes 10 minutes, right at home, you can blacken your hair simply, quickly and safely.

About Iglow Hair Silver Coated Shampoo: 

Today, the phenomenon of premature gray hair is very common, even with very young people. This can make you older, lose confidence when communicating. However, using hair dye regularly can be harmful to health. Therefore, hair graying shampoo is the ideal choice.

Iglow Hair 3 in 1 shampoo is very popular in Korea and many countries around the world. It only takes 10 minutes, washes quickly, as simple as washing hair at home, but the hair color quickly becomes shiny black, soft and natural. The unique formula with 8 active ingredients and more than 20 natural herbs helps to darken the hair, while also helping to smoothen the hair, reducing dryness.
Iglow Hair does not cause side effects, effective for up to 35 days, giving you more confidence. Products from Korea have appeared in Vietnam market recently. 

Highlights of Iglow Hair Silver Shampoo: 

☞ Iglow Hair Silver Shampoo has a 3-in-1 formula: It is both a silver coating product (blackening of hair), shampooing, and conditioning hair. 

☞ Shampoo from natural herbs: A combination of 8 active ingredients and more than 20 herbs: collagen, coconut oil, ginseng, ha thu wu, white herbs, camellia flowers, ... benign and safe. whole.

☞   Iglow Korean Silver Coated Shampoo does not contain harmful ammonia ingredients like some other silver coatings. The product is not harmful to health, does not irritate the scalp. 

☞ Does not stick to the scalp: There are some silver-coated products that have strong "dying" properties, so they can make the scalp black and cannot be washed. However, with Iglow Hair, this does not happen at all. You can easily wash your scalp with just water. 

☞ Silver coating effect up to 35 days. Currently, there are many products that cover hair with silver, but there are many types that only have a short effect, only 2-3 days, or after only 2-3 washes, the color will fade. But with Iglow Hair 3 in 1, the effect lasts more than 1 month (35 days). Even if you use another shampoo in that time period. 

☞ Fast and convenient: The product is packaged so it's easy to use, no need to measure like a bottle. Each pack is divided into 2 parts, just mix well then use shampoo to be effective the first time. You can whiten your hair at home, or easily bring it to the salon when needed. 

☞   Iglow Hair 3 in 1 gray hair shampoo can be used for both men and women.

☞ The product helps to cover gray hair for people with premature gray hair, can also be used to cover faded dyed hair, for all adults.

☞ Hair dye can make hair damaged, dry, and with Iglow silver shampoo, the nutrients in the product can help moisturize, smoothen hair, reduce dryness. 

☞ With silver shampoo, it only takes 10 minutes to blacken your hair. 

☞ Pleasant scent, not strong, not irritating like hair dye.

☞ Products meet strict quality and safety standards. Silver coated shampoo has been loved in the domestic market of Korea and many countries.

Uses of Korean Iglow Hair 3 in 1 silver hair shampoo: 

 Iglow shampoo with black coating for hair 

✔ Shampoo, clean scalp and hair

✔ Provides nutrients for smooth, shiny hair

✔ Highly effective, long-lasting, keep color up to 35 days

User object:

● Can be used by both men and women

● People with premature gray hair

● People with dyed hair fading

● People who like to dye their hair black 

How to use Iglow silver coated shampoo: 

- Wash your hair normally, rinse well.

- Wearing gloves, mix step 1 and step 2 well. Then spread it evenly over the hair

-Massage 10-15 minutes, 

-Finally rinse your hair thoroughly.

(*) Note, use strictly according to the user manual. 

-Do not use when scalp has open wound

-Do not let the product get in your eyes

Where to buy genuine Iglow Hair 3 in 1 Silver Shampoo:

Iglow Hair silver hair shampoo box of 5 x 15ml is a favorite in Korea. Products are already present in our country, but there are many fake and poor quality products. Therefore, to buy genuine standard products, you should buy at a reputable place such as an agent of Imported Goods .

Shop is committed to having genuine bills, competitive prices.

Contact the hotline on the website or fanpage: Imported Foreign Goods Store

Review of Iglow silver coated shampoo: 

Thanh Lam (HCMC): With Iglow silver shampoo, I am more confident with smooth black hair. Every time you have the opportunity, just 10 minutes of washing your hair with this oil will make your hair shiny black. This type does not sting the scalp, does not irritate, and is easy to wash off.

Vo Son (Hanoi) : I'm only 42 years old, but my hair is almost as gray as my father's (66 years old), I look old and very insecure. Lucky to know Iglow silver shampoo. Each pack is easy to use once, it does not cause scalp pain, and is safe for health, so you can rest assured to use it. Only need to use it once a month. 

Thu Huyen (Hai Phong): I am most afraid that the dyed hair fades into 2 colors that look very unsightly, but sometimes when I can't dye it again, I use Iglow silver shampoo. This shampoo dyes a natural glossy black color, fast, very easy to use without drying the hair. My hair is shoulder length, using 1 pack at a time is enough.