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Great Home Neck & Shoulder Massage Device 900


Not only the elderly, the elderly but today, young people also face a lot of problems with bones, joints and neck. Whether you have to go out a lot or just sit all day in the office, you've probably experienced annoying neck pain. This pain reduces quality of life. Many people choose to massage directly or ask someone to massage on the spot, but it is not always convenient. Don't worry, because now, there is a neck massager to "rescue". One of the most trusted products, from a famous Korean brand, is the Great Home Neck & Shoulder Massage Device 900. The machine increases blood flow to the neck muscles, making the skin stimulated. considerable elasticity.

Helps relieve muscle pain by creating slight contractions, gentle and smooth massage.

As a sleep-regulating therapy, making users sleep more deeply, better and eat better.

Blocking pain signals: Using a machine with low frequency current affects the painful area, causing the pain transmission mechanism to be cut off, and the ability to transmit pain to the brain is also reduced.

Makes blood circulate better by creating contractions for the heart muscle, making blood pump better.Helps blood circulation, acupuncture points are stimulated, dispel fatigue, stress in work and life.

  • Effective, powerful, deep-penetrating neck relaxer with 3,600 pulses/min. The product focuses on the main muscle group behind the neck. Two trigger points release tension, improving circulation to this area.
  • Great Home Neck & Shoulder Massage Device 900 150g weight convenient to carry anywhere.
  • The U-shaped design easily adjusts to fit everyone's neck sizes.
  • Built-in electric frequency pulse technology circulates through the skin, blocking pain signals between cells by directly acting on nerve cells. From there, pain and muscle tension are prevented immediately.
  • The neck massage machine is smooth and quiet, making it easy for users to fall asleep, like being massaged by an expert.
  • Using high quality ABS plastic material, non-irritating, soft, easy to clean after use.
  • The battery can be used for 3 days, when massaged for 15 minutes each day. Universal USB charging cable, when the electrodes do not come into contact with the skin, the device will automatically disconnect economically and safely.

Not only bringing unexpected parameters, amazing efficiency in the "work" of reducing aches and pains, muscle tension for her area, but this Korean massage machine is also worth buying because of its affordable price, much less charging time than other brands. other machines on the market today. What could be better than being able to bring this Great Home Neck & Shoulder Massage Device 900 anywhere, anytime. Having to work for a long time, constantly having neck problems, let this neck massage machine help you. Both stimulate blood circulation, acupuncture points, and relieve stress for a deeper and better quality of sleep.