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Grandmother's Buttons Colorful Bunny Ornament [PRE-ORDER] (Buy 2 Get 1 Free Mix & Match)


We've designed and handcrafted jewelry in our St. Francisville studio for almost forty years. We connected with our customers by attending craft and gift shows for most of this time. Over the years, we've become part of a community of crafters, makers, and designers that we cherish like family.

Jan and Mark Blough are part of this family, and we adore their handcrafted holiday ornaments. The inspiration for their business, Silhouettes & More, arrived when Jan discovered a 19th-century ledger hidden in a wall while renovating their house. Since then, she and Mark have created thousands of ornaments from handwritten 19th-century documents.  

Two hundred years ago, if you wanted an inexpensive portrait, you visited a silhouette artist. Using scissors and a practiced eye, these artists could create tiny images with a remarkable likeness to their subjects. Silhouettes rose in popularity around 1790 and remained in demand until about 1840, when they were replaced by photographs. 

This bunny is a lithograph print of the original hand-cut silhouette mounted on 19th-century colored documents and stamps.

  • Two pieces of beveled glass
  • Hand-applied silver molding
  • Tan silk ribbon
  • Size is 3" X 3"