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Genie Therapy Led Mask


Genie Therapy LED Mask.

LED phototherapy mask uses the principle of red, blue and orange monochromatic light irradiation to deeply affect the surface of the skin, intensive treatment for many skin problems:


- Wavelength: 476-495nm (nanometers)

- C ability to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, purifying the skin helps acne skin recover faster.

- Increases the ability of the skin to retain water and absorb water, reducing oil secretion

- For oily / acne / sensitive skin


- Wavelength: 590 - 620nm

- ORANGE light belongs to the group of Low Energy (Low Energy Visible Light - LEV) but has long wavelength to penetrate deeper into the skin.

- Provide vita whitening, inhibit the action of melanin, lighten the skin, darken pigmentation, freckles, brown spots

- For blemishes, uneven skin tone, dull skin


- Wavelength: 620 - 750nm

- Of the 3 types of light used by the mask, Red light has the longest wavelength, penetrates the deepest skin and its main activity is affecting collagen-producing cells.

- Help to accelerate the activity of these cells, produce more collagen, fill wrinkles, fine lines to smooth skin. Pores are also noticeably smaller.

- For all skin types, especially the skin that loses its elasticity / aging

●●● How to use:

1. After washing your face, perform the steps skincare, or masking finished.

. Connect the Led mask to the phone or charger you are using.

3. Adjust to fit your face and use within 15-30 minutes (3 times a week)