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Genie Sauna Belly Hot Fat-Melt Massage Cream 150g


Genie Sauna Belly Hot Fat-Melt Massage Cream 150g

  • Menthol - This essence helps to soothe, protect, fight inflammation, and firm. Furthermore, the cooling properties of peppermint oil help soothe the burning heat of other ingredients.
  • Capsaicin is found in some chili peppers. The heat has a very good fat burning effect.
  • Caffeine from coffee beans. Scientists have researched and proven caffeine has many good uses in the area of ​​weight loss. 
  • Seaweed extract provides water and minerals to the skin. 
  • Bitter orange essential oil. This ingredient is commonly used in skincare products for firmer skin. 
  • Eliminate fat - The ingredients in the product act directly on each adipose tissue. Then liquefy and eliminate fat from the body. Soft fats, hard fats, and perennial fats can be melted and eliminated.
  • The product helps to tone and shape the curves of the body.
  • The gentle natural scent helps bring relaxation, comfort.
  • Firming and smooth skin with natural ingredients, especially seaweed, and bitter oranges, the product helps with skincare very well. Unlike many other fat-soluble creams, the product dissolves fat but still retains firm, smooth skin without wrinkles and sagging.
User manual
  • Determine where to use it. Where the body has a lot of fat to lose fat should use the product.
  • Take a moderate amount of cream onto fingertips and apply to the area to dissolve fat.
  • Gently massage the cream to dissolve and penetrate deep into the skin. 
  • Just massage gently for a few minutes, the cream is melted and absorbed into each fatty tissue. The cream will feel a bit hot but will not be as hot as many other products.


Genie Sline Pro Belly Fat Massage Belt

Genie's latest generation abdominal massage device with advanced vibration technology.



  • The vibrating capacity of the belt is over 1000 times/min, the higher the vibration speed, the faster & more efficient the fat-burning rate.
  • The 3D spiral vibration frequency burns excess fat from the inside out, stimulating nerves around the capillaries to dissolve 90% of the mass of fat. 
  • Genie Sline Pro Premium Belly Fat Massage Belt Korea has a compact design, information button design with built-in intensity adjustment for easy use and manipulation.
  • Belonging to the electric pulse massage machine line to stimulate muscle activation, muscle shaping, and firm skin Sline Pro works enduringly.
  • The control panel is connected to the front belt, you can easily turn it on / off flexibly. In addition, after use, it is easy to clean when it gets dirty. It can store in a backpack or a suitcase with traveling on long-distance business.


User manual.


  • Clean skin. Before using the massage belt, clean the skin thoroughly.
  • Wear belt. Wear the belt on the area that needs to be slim, wear it so that it is close to the body area. Pay attention to adjust so that the control panel faces forward.
  • Double type the start button.
  • Adjust the vibration mode. Press the power button to adjust the vibration mode according to strong and weak levels to suit your needs. Press 1 time is level 1, 2 times is level 2, 3 times is level 3, 4 times will turn off.
  • Adjust the temperature. The temperature control button is opposite the power button. The temperature increases gradually after each press.
  • Use for about 30 minutes and then turn off the belt. It is not good to use the belt for too long.