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Genie Refreshing Time Cleansing Water


Korean Genie Refreshing Time Cleansing Water is rich in nutrients to help remove makeup and clean the skin from deep within. They have the ability to penetrate at the root of the pores, in the area of ​​​​the skin that is blocked by chalk or dirt, from red to dissolve and push the residue out quickly without causing wear or strong impact on the membrane. Natural protection of the skin

Genie Korean cosmetics always launch product lines extracted from nature, suitable for easily irritated and sensitive skin. Genie Refreshing Time Cleansing Water is no exception, the product will help the skin have a clean environment, pores are no longer blocked by dirt, excess oil and especially makeup. Genie Refreshing Time Cleansing Water Korea has been clinically proven to meet Korean GMP standards and US FDA manufacturing standards.

Uses of Genie Refreshing Time Cleansing Water Korea

- Remove makeup from the skin from foundation creams, eyeshadows ... to "stubborn ones" such as matte lipstick, eyeliner.

- Removes makeup layers, makeup residues located deep in the pores.

- Enhance the ability to absorb oxygen, produce collagen to help whiten and smooth skin.

- Helps skin absorb water and balance moisture.

- Mild ingredients, do not cause dry skin, stinging eyes.

- Limiting the sebaceous glands that are active on the skin, effectively preventing acne.

Instructions for using Genie Refreshing Time Cleansing Water Korea

Genie makeup remover is very easy to use, in order for you to use it properly and promote the full effect of the product, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare a few cotton pads or paper towels in advance.

Step 2: Pour an appropriate amount of makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe the eye and lip area first.

Step 3: Swipe gently, do not rub, from the eye socket to the outside.

Step 4: Then use another cotton pad to wipe the face, wipe from the inside out.

Step 5: You should use mineral spray after removing makeup to provide moisture to the skin, making the skin cooler.