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GENIE Derma Matrix Peel Off Pack


GENIE Derma Matrix Peel Off Pack.

Brand : GENIE

Volume : Set of 3 ( 15ml x 3 )

Made in Korea

How does it work ?

Genie skin pigmentation removal mask is popularly designed in the form of a gel, peel off mask after spreading evenly to cover the face for about 10-15 will form a film that is responsible for bringing nutrients to penetrate and nourish the skin. GENIE has put nutrients from natural chrysanthemum, orange essence into the mask.

Derma matrix works gently to easily remove dead skin layers to help restore texture, smoothness and smoothness

Transparent tube design is easy to use as well as remove, in just 1 week you will get visible results on the skin: pores are small, skin is firm and smooth, visibly brighter, wrinkles around the eyes. or the corners of the mouth are markedly reduced. In addition, the Derma Matrix Mask has a great advantage in moisturizing and protecting the skin from bacteria that cause acne. The gel layer after drying washes away dead cells, making the skin get rid of heaviness.

Derma Matrix - Super product to absorb melasma, freckles by peeling off epidermal cells, easily done at home.

Benefits :

Create skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, balance moisture, improve dry skin condition

Absorb excess oil, sebum on the skin, prevent acne

Shrink pores, reduce acne, make skin white and bright

Main Ingredients :

Polyvinyl alcohol: Provides moisture to the skin and creates adhesion for the mask, helping to remove dirt on the skin and remove the mask easily.

Glycerin: Helps hydrate the skin, helping you to remove dead skin cells and giving your skin a smooth, youthful glow; Keeps skin moist and soft while still being able to gently cleanse skin.

Chamomile essence: Prevents acne, moisturizes the skin, makes dark skin areas, scars become lighter.

Lavender Essential Oil: Soothes irritated skin and the oil's anti-bacterial properties will also help kill bacteria, clearing clogged pores - the main culprits of acne.

Orange essential oil: Helps to create skin, remove wrinkles and fight skin aging

How to use :

- Wash your face clean

Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the face, avoiding the eye and mouth area

– Wait about 30 minutes for the mask to dry (gray color due to pigment absorption)" and then gently remove from bottom to top

- Wash your skin with water and then apply skin care as usual

- Twice a week gently, then apply stem cells or moisturizing serum to the skin to restore the lipid membrane of the skin