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Genie Demar87 Cell Professional Belly Balance 130 capsules

$50.00 $40.00

Demar87 Cell Genie Professional Belly Balance 

Demar 87 has the advantage of a direct effect on the fat layer in the body, especially the abdomen and waist. They have the ability to quickly eliminate and disintegrate fat deposits that have accumulated for a long time to help the body toned and not become loose after losing weight. In addition, this product also helps boost immunity as well as prevent cancer.

Ingredients and Features:

Pprecious herbs such as licorice, Ganoderma, peony, ginseng ... and some other auxiliary ingredients. All Natural Ingredients

Extracted from the bud of Indian buds and basil in the form of excipients capsules.

Budwood contains 10 - 30% Hydroxy Citric Acid which helps to prevent the synthesis of fat in the body. At the same time, the active substance in the bud also helps to increase energy metabolism and limit the accumulation of excess fat.

The composition of basil in each capsule helps to burn the excess fat in the body and does not cause side effects


Direct impact on the fat layer and breaking down the fat cell helps to lose weight quickly.

Restricting the conversion of energy in the body to fat and preventing them from binding to new adipose tissue in the body.

Reduce cravings but do not cause fatigue, stress or dehydration of the body

Lose fat fast to the abdomen and waist but firm the tight muscles that don't cause sagging of muscles and skin.

Always provide enough nutrients for the body to be healthy and active for the whole day

Bring you slim and bragging physique not inferior to those who use exercise methods

In addition to losing weight effectively, Demar87 Cell Genie Professional Belly Balance also provides nutrients to the body and reduces the amount of fat absorbed through food and converts them into energy in the body.

Increasing the elasticity of the skin structure helps your skin remain beautiful, smooth and smooth after losing weight.


Ginseng ingredient in Demar87 fat-soluble pills is believed to be an effective weight-loss drug for thousands of years. People often know ginseng with the use of boosting the immune system, improving memory, enhancing male vitality or slowing down the progression of Azheimer ... Azheimer is a disease that causes amnesia in the elderly.

Ginseng also has a miraculous weight loss effect that few people know about. According to some studies, ginseng has the ability to speed up the metabolism of the body, In addition, ginseng also helps improve mental and stamina.

Licorice is an herb in oriental medicine that is effective for weight loss but is safe. Licorice makes fat and converts them into energy. Licorice contains a quantity of Glycyrrhetinic acid that reduces excess body fat.

How to use

Before going to bed take about 3-5 tablets and should use just enough water to use the product.

Combine the product with exercise and adjust the diet to get the best results.

Please note:

Do not use this product on pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children under 14 years of age.

Keep out of the reach of children.

In addition, those who are not in good health should consult a doctor's advice before using this product.