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Dr.Placen Horse Placenta Collagen 40000mg (Box of 10 x 100ml) Made in Japan

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Dr.Placen Horse Placenta 40000 (Box of 10 x 100ml) 

Is a product from Plan Do See - a brand specializing in the line of functional foods, health care in Japan. Dr.Placen 40000 is extracted from horse placenta and salmon roe placenta not only help replenish nutrients for the body but also help prevent aging, stimulate new cell regeneration, keep skin always fresh and smooth.



  • Contains extract of Placenta precious 

The combination of 30,000mg horse placenta and 10,000mg double-nutrient salmon placenta in Dr.Placen 40000 enhances health, helps skin be nourished, smooth and reduces skin aging effectively.  

  •  Stimulates collagen production

Products containing placenta essence (Placenta) produces a lot of collagen rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids to minimize the formation of melanin - factors that cause pigmentation, freckles on the skin of the face.

  • Ingredients precious royal jelly

Royal jelly contained in the product provides many nutrients that provide many health benefits and the beauty benefits of royal jelly, which is worth considering. 


Ingredient and Benefits:

  • Horse Placenta Extract (30,000mg) and Salmon Egg Placenta Extract (10,000mg): Comprehensive anti-aging for skin, reduce dark spots, freckles.
  • Collagen (300mg): Strengthens skin structure, increases elasticity and helps skin firm, smooth.
  • Royal Jelly (50mg): Supports good endocrine regulation, purifies the body, replenishes a rich source of vitamins, essential minerals for a youthful and healthy body.
  • Vitamin C (750mg) and Vitamin B2 (0.7mg): Increases resistance, stimulates digestion, and helps a healthy body.  
  • Citric acid Promotes faster and more efficient absorption of nutrients by the body.


How to use: 

  • Daily Use
  • One bottle divided into 2 days
  • Should drink in the morning and afternoon before meal
  • Shake the product well before using