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Dr Detoxi 4D Weight Loss Pill Box of 30 Packs


Dr Detoxi 4D Weight Loss Pill Box of 30 Packs Made in Japan.

A combination of 5 black ingredients: Black pepper, black ginger, black garlic, black vinegar, black onion to help detox, purify the body, support body weight loss, burn fat accumulated for a long time.



Burns excess fat detoxifies, purifies the body, safely maintains a slim figure.

5-ingredient formula: Black pepper, black ginger, black garlic, black vinegar, and unique black onion, accelerate the fat burning process, prevent new fat accumulation, and at the same time good for health, enhance immunity epidemic, prevention of cancer, blood fat, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, ...

Combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise will bring great results. The product does not cause fatigue, insomnia, dehydration, ... easily absorbed into the body.




Black pepper: Pepper is proven to contain active ingredients that support fat burning, sweat, or urine excretion.

Black Ginger: A fairly familiar herb in Japanese herbal weight loss products. Black ginger destroys excess fat, especially the abdominal area is extremely good. In addition, it helps prevent new fat accumulation, supporting safe, sustainable weight loss.

Black Garlic: Black garlic prevents the formation of excess fat, reducing fat absorption. Besides, black garlic contains active ingredients that help reduce appetite. Black garlic also has the effect of detoxification, detoxification, blood fat, cholesterol, good for health. In particular, the fermented black garlic formula is many times more effective than regular black garlic.

Black Vinegar: Black vinegar supports weight loss, effectively purifies and reduces excess fat. Using black vinegar with the appropriate amount does not harm the stomach. Black vinegar is also an ingredient that appears in Japanese weight loss products.

Black Onion: Black onion offers surprising benefits. Black onion detoxifies, supports the liver, prevents blood fat, balances blood sugar, supports weight loss.



Burn excess fat and effective for the whole body

Enhance energy metabolism, reduce fat absorption, prevent new fat formation

Reduce appetite, thereby reducing the intake of extra calories and fat

Detox, purify the body, reduce belly fat, blood fat, cholesterol, ...

Strengthen immunity, prevent disease, protect the health