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DOYOUNG Jelly Super Collagen Skin Generation 7in1- 300g/box (15 packs/box)

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DOYOUNG Jelly Super Collagen Skin Generation 7in1- 300g/box (15 packs/box)

Super Collagen jelly is an edible cosmetic medicine with sweet and sour taste and convenient package. 
The product contains compounds such as Hyaluronic Acid, Folic Acid, Calcium to support absorption and synthesis, nourish and help keep skin healthy. reduce the risk of aging. Instant collagen is also a beauty trend that is most sought after by women.

Brand information:
Brand: Doyoung
Origin: Korea
Feature: Day and night 
Weight: 300g/box (15 packs)
Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture
The product is responsible by the Center quality control and insurance Samsung Group
GMP and HACCP certification of Korean waste factory.

The secret to creating perfect skin is to nourish the skin from deep within

Product USES for skin:
 -Helps increase elasticity, rejuvenate skin thanks to the essence of red pomegranate seeds of Spain
- Contains hydrolyzed fish collagen from Icelandic waters to help increase collagen & elastin production
- Baobap fruit extract from the land of Africa helps protect heart health & 
blood sugar, while supporting weight loss, reducing appetite
- Fading dark spots, pigmentation, freckles
- Helps skin smooth and tight shine
- Anti-aging, remove wrinkles
- Whiten skin and increase body resistance
- Supplement nutrients for strong hair and nails

With ingredients extracted from nature such as plants, fish skin. The combination of microscopic molecules with vitamins C, E, A and B not only provides enough vitamins for the skin, but also acts as a conductor to enhance collagen synthesis and absorption.
- Spanish red pomegranate seed extract (105,000 mg/box)
- Hydrolyzed fish collagen (600 mg/box)
- Calcium-rich red seaweed (600 mg/box)
- Red grape essence (600 mg/box) )
- Blueberry extract (600 mg/box)
- Sour cherry extract (600 mg/box)
- Raspberry juice (600 mg/box)
- Baobab fruit extract (405mg/box)

Use directly 1-2 bars per day at any time. Preferably 30 minutes before breakfast or 30 minutes before bed. 

Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Can be stored in the refrigerator.

- Starting from the age of 20 onwards, the ability to synthesize Collagen in the body begins to reduce the lack of collagen - the ingredient that helps the skin to be smooth and elastic - also causing the skin to start the aging process. . Therefore, it is necessary to supplement collagen to slow down the aging process of the skin.
- After 2 weeks of use, you will feel the change of skin starting to be brighter, smoother, nails and hair begin to grow longer and firmer.

This product is not a medicine and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment.