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DAMODE Vimajo Creamy Pack 30 g


VIMAJO, of course, inherits the results from the Japanese working process, plus the new breakthrough is the creation of advanced technology for the VIMAJO high-class mask line.

     Due to the effectiveness of the ingredients in the product, it is optimized for all skin types thanks to the complex extraction process on Japanese high technology, so the usefulness of VIMAJO brings the position of the ALL-POWERFUL MASK, Helps improve most problems on all skin types.

     VIMAJO is used by the customer association called MOTHER MOTHER, because its effectiveness is achieved for those who use it, find it difficult to explain, there is some mysterious mystery...

     With your skin, what do you want: bright white, no acne, fly melasma, smooth and youthful... let VIMAJO transform your skin as you desire.


first./. VITAMIN C:

- As type C water-soluble, reaching absolute penetration on the skin, extracted from herbs will not quickly degrade and discolor, so it is highly benign and does not cause irritation.

- Works to promote collagen production, support to increase Glutathione and Vitamin E levels, create antioxidant compounds.

- Protects skin pigmentation from darkening, melasma because Vitamin C limits the metabolism of Melanin (Pigment forming skin color)

Vitamin C is also considered an exfoliant, resulting in smoother and brighter skin.

- When the skin is inflamed, red, swollen, and red, Vitamin C will help resist harmful factors.


- Rice germ essence, which is one of the beauty secrets of Asian women, especially Japanese women. - Extracted from the germ and the inner shell of the rice grain. 

- Contains many antioxidant ingredients such as Tocopherol, Tocotrienol and Gamma, Oryzanol, Vitamins E, B2, B6 and other Minerals that help skin cells resist the attack of free radicals; Protects skin from agents that cause skin darkening and tanning such as dust, sun, wind and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

In particular, Oryzanol is a compound containing Ferulic acid ester that has the ability to restore and nourish cells, increase elasticity, remove wrinkles, fade dark spots caused by black pigment.

- Penetrates deep into the skin layers, does not stay on the surface of the skin, does not clog pores or make the skin greasy.

- Stimulates blood circulation under the skin, the reason for the skin to become white and rosy after a period of use.


- Extracted from the germ of barley grain.

- Improve skin secretion, moisturize dry skin - Support to prevent scars and stretch marks,.

- Treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis, Eczema.

- Especially soothes irritated skin and prevents redness, avoiding skin deterioration caused by acne.


- With the optimal ingredients and complementary features that the manufacturer has integrated for the product for daily use as a regular balanced meal for the skin, it can be used every day to improve. maintain healthy skin.

- Wash your face, then take 1g of the product and apply it evenly all over the face, including the eye and lip areas (effectively treating dark spots after 10 days, you will see a noticeable improvement)

- Leave the product on the skin for 30-45 minutes while napping, watching TV...indoor activities, then rinse with cold water.