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DAMODE BEAUTY [p-system] Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control 50 ml


Sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin P-system Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control with SPF50+; PA+++ blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays up to 12H, gently lifting tone will help protect skin from harmful agents.

The sun is considered the number one "harmful agent" of the skin, causing melasma, tanning. Therefore, daily use of sunscreen plays an extremely important role in protecting and taking care of the skin.

However, choosing the right sunscreen for oily and acne-prone skin is not easy. Most common sunscreens leave a greasy, sticky feeling after application, cause white streaks on the face or do not control excess oil well, even causing clogged pores and darkening. more serious than acne.

Therefore, P-system launched the Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil control product line - sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin that will be an assistant to make women satisfied.

Information about sunscreen for oily skin Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control:

  • Name: Sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin, mixed smart touch sunscreen oil control
  • For: Oily, combination, normal skin
  • Milk form
  • Capacity 50ml
  • Made in Korea
  • Distribution: Damode VN
  • Brand: P-system
  • Index: SPF 50+ ; PA+++

If you have dry skin, you can refer to P-system Smart Touch Sunscreen for dry skin

Main use

  • Brighten skin, tone up
  • Very good sebum control
  • Tighten pores
  • SPF 50+ PA+++ blocks UVA/UVB up to 99% effective up to 12H
  • Soothes skin and anti-inflammatory, prevents acne
Uses of sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin Smart Touch Sunscreen P-system
Uses of sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control P-system


With modern Korean technology, clinically proven, the superior ingredients from nature contain the patented scientific complex Anti Sebum P.

Anti Sebum P Complex:

It is made from 4 herbs, night primrose, kudzu, Japanese elm root, longleaf pine.

Effectively regulate sebum.

Anti-aging skin soothing, smooth and bright skin.

Tea Tree Oil (Tea Tree Oil):

Anti-inflammatory mineral, soothing redness and swelling. Prevent acne recurrence.

Aloe vera extract

Hydrate and moisturize the skin, prevent oil secretion to make the skin soft and gentle

Reduce inflammation, redness, quickly restore skin protection.

Certified sunscreen P-system

The certificate ensures that the published ingredients are censored, including the import and export units and manufacturers.

Certificate of Smart Touch Sunscreen
Certificate of Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control