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DAMODE Gentle and Fresh Feminine Wash 135ml


Women always have difficult problems to talk about, especially the private area - the second heart of a woman, due to the complex biological structure with many folds inside the reproductive organs, plus the "cycle" Women's monthly activities have more or less affected their flexible movements in those days, proper care and hygiene has also caused confusion, difficulties and troubles for many women. female.

In particular, cleaning the private area is an extremely necessary thing that every woman should do every day, keep the body clean and avoid inflammation and odor in the "triangle area" with The use of  Gentle and Fresh feminine hygiene solution brings freshness, rosy, cleanness  to me, confidence, comfort all day long, being more active and refreshing when doing what I love.

Product information

Gentle and Fresh feminine hygiene solution of Damode Intimate is a product  manufactured by modern technology in Korea  by the world's leading cosmetic manufacturing company and  certified natural ingredients by EWG Rating organization. .

Gentle and Fresh feminine hygiene products have been clinically tested in Vietnam and verified by leading obstetricians and gynecologists and  licensed by the Ministry of Health to ensure safety and effectiveness. for user.

With outstanding and safe main ingredients in the solution such as:  Lactobacillus 5 Complex, Coco Betaine, Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic acid, Dancing MushRoom (Dancing Mushroom), Borage Seed Oil (Borage Seed Oil), Raspberry Seed Oil ( Raspberry seed oil).