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DAMODE COMBO 2 Tri Nam Tan Nhang Chuyen Saus

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X8 Whitening Formula:

After the success of Perfect Skin Fish Collagen Extract, Damode Beauty wishes to bring a new generation containing higher nutrient content at a cheaper price through Perfect Skin Premium White. Simultaneously keeping the advantages of the old generation Perfect Skin, but increasing the different effects for customers with X8 Whitening Formula.

Information about Perfect Skin Premium White

Perfect Skin Premium White is an upgraded product of Perfect Skin Fish Collagen White Herbal Extract Capsule that has been clinically tested for many months before officially launching – launched from October 2021 and open for sale from November 2021.

Perfect Skin Premium White X8 Whitening Formula


  • Name: Perfect Skin Premium White X8 Whitening Formula.
  • Made in Korea
  • Specification: 60 tablets / box
  • Description: Skin whitening pills, Endogenous sunscreen, eliminate toxins, rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkles, prevent aging.
  • Selling price: VND 2,450,000
Compare the old generation Perfect Skin and Perfect Skin Premium White

GELATIN CAPSULE SHELL production technology creates the capsule shell of Perfect Skin Premium White

  • Perfect Skin Premium White has state-of-the-art capsule shell production technology with GELATIN CAPSULE SHELL that dissolves quickly in just 7 minutes of use for quick absorption.
  • Meets all pharmaceutical dissolution requirements (USP & EP)
  • Stable in a wide range of temperatures and humidity
  • Allergen-free capsules are allergen-free and preservative-free
  • Limit the growth of bacteria.

Perfect Skin Premium White has been clinically tested

Before the official launch, the product Perfect Skin Premium White has met safety standards in humans in the laboratory. Then underwent trial on 100 women for 4-8 weeks. The guests who experienced the product all had the phenomenon of aging skin, dark spots and often aching joints. After a period of product testing, the following results are obtained:

  • 92% Notice how skin is restored to its original health
  • 88% noticed firmer skin
  • 75% see dark skin, melasma fades clearly
  • 80% noticed an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 70% feel that joint pain is improved.

Notable uses:

Just using Perfect Skin Premium White tells you that you will clearly feel the main uses of the product as follows:

  • Whiten skin, fade dark spots, dark spots, melasma
  • Fade eye bags, dark circles
  • Reduce wrinkles, firm skin, smooth
  • Damage recovery
  • Endogenous sun protection
  • Purify toxins in the liver and blood
  • Free radical scavenging to preserve youth for a long time.

Uses of Perfect Skin Premium White

When you hear this, you will be surprised that it is too comprehensive for a mid-range skin care product. Surely there are still many women wondering whether they can achieve the above effect or not. Please take a look at the product ingredients to better understand the mechanism of action and the value that Perfect Skin Premium White brings.

New generation Perfect Skin Premium White ingredients

Group of nutrients to nourish, restore skin

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide: Micro-hydrolyzed fish collagen is quickly absorbed into the body.

This active ingredient helps:

  1. Fills in fine lines and wrinkles, bringing youthfulness to the skin.

  2. Cell regeneration, maintaining elasticity slows down the aging process.

  3. Helps strengthen bones, thicker hair, limit breakage.

  4. Reducing inflammation and joint pain, Hydrolyzed collagen allows joints to move more easily.

  5. No side effects, everyone can use it.

Hyaluronic Acid:  Can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.

This active ingredient helps:

  1. Reduce wrinkles

  2. Speed ​​up collagen production inside the body.

  3. Regenerate the outer layer of moist, soft skin, increasing the moisture inside the skin up to 96%.

  4. Relieves pain and stiffness

  5. Reduce dry eyes

  6. Plays an essential role in wound healing

  7. Lighten dark circles

  8. Increase skin elasticity.

Ingredients Perfect Skin Premium White

Group whitening, melasma, sunscreen, anti-aging.

Vitamin C Ester:  An antioxidant that helps whiten skin, promotes Glutathione synthesis and collagen proliferation.

Outstanding advantages:

  1. Absorbed 2 times faster than regular Vitamin C. Slow excretion should increase the concentration of Ascorbate more in white blood cells. So just 500mg of Vitamin C Ester form is equivalent to 2000mg of regular Vitamin C.

  2. Reduces gastric irritation due to pH=7 similar to water

  3. Produces up to 500% less oxalate in the urine than the regular Ascorbic Acid group, reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Glutathione helps:

  1. Glutathione has anti-melanogenesis properties and can convert eumelanin pigment to white pheomelanin pigment.

  2. Inactivation of tyrosinase enzyme is the cause of melasma. For bright, radiant skin.

  3. Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals

  4. Anti-aging with its collagen-promoting and anti-inflammatory properties, glutathione helps reverse signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, sagging and skin irritation.

  5. Detoxification purifies toxins in the liver, helps keep the liver healthy and eliminates toxins in the body.

  6. Acne treatment support

  7. Strengthen resistance and create a healthy immune system.

Group white skin sunscreen, prevent aging

Red pomegranate extract:

  1. Helps protect skin from UV rays

  2. Skin cancer prevention

  3. Increase collagen production, anti-aging

  4. Helps to make skin bright and smooth

  5. Hydrate dry skin, control oil for oily skin

  6. Reduces antibacterial tablets, soothes irritated, reddened skin

Nutritional mineral zinc (Zn):  helps control excess oil on the skin, reduces acne

Nutritional selenium (se):  an immune-boosting antioxidant

Vitamin E:  A powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and free radicals, moisturizes, and beautifies the skin.

Green tea extract:  Anti-oxidant, antibacterial, helps protect the skin and slows down the aging process.

Black Vietnamese Extract (Bilbery): Anti-oxidant protects the skin from free radicals, slows down the aging process.

Note: When drinking Premium White X8 with sufficient water, it will help nutrients to be broken down by stomach acid into peptides and amino acids, active ingredients are absorbed through the small intestine, and nutrients are distributed to the skin and organs. skeletal organs, eye joints, ... through the vascular system.

Premium White Dark Spot Solution:

- Dark Spots, Dark Spots, Dark Spots, Dark Spots
- Blur, remove brown spots, freckles, acne body, tan, melasma, dark skin...
- Capacity: 15ml/type
- Made in Korea

Orchistem Cream:

Orchistem Power Cream is a line of extremely benign skin care, aging and skin rejuvenation products. Exclusive formula manufactured under License of Royal ThaiLand Pharmaceutical Company. Raw materials are imported and packaged in Vietnam with modern fully closed technology, meeting strict standards, certified by the Ministry of Health.

This is a multi-functional and multi-functional product. It is called anti-aging white stem cell cream. The ingredients of the product are all extracted from nature. Some of the prominent ingredients are:

  • Rare orchid stem cells from Japan
  • Saffron pistil
  • Flavonoid Essence
  • Glycerin Essence
  • Orchid stem cells 

In addition, there are many other skin care ingredients. Women tell each other that the product is the perfect antidote to aging. If used regularly, the skin will become shiny, youthful. 

Why should I use Orchistem Power Cream?

Orchistem Power Cream from Damode Beauty will bring many useful uses for women. As follows: 

  • Supports and reduces dark spots, pigmentation and dark spots. The skin will be regenerated and restored effectively
  • Maintains and provides the necessary warmth for the skin to be supple and smooth
  • Tightens pores and reduces oiliness. The cream is easily absorbed into the skin and is not greasy
  • Provides nutrients to improve skin tone. These nutrients will help to even out the skin tone, remove pigmentation causing dark skin
  • Supports and stimulates natural collagen production. The skin will become firm and have good elasticity

How to use Orchistem Power Cream properly?

Although Orchistem Power Cream has many good effects, everyone needs to use it properly. Especially when washing your face and applying creams. As follows:  

  • First, we need to clean our face with cleanser and makeup remover.
  • Everyone, please take an appropriate amount of cream and dot 5 points evenly on the face. Spread the cream on the skin from those 5 points. 
  • In the process of applying, everyone should combine with massage and patting. Today will help the cream to be absorbed and the skin more easily absorbed
  • Every time you go out, everyone should use sunscreen to protect the skin most comprehensively

Besides, everyone should use it regularly with 2 times a day. The cream is easily absorbed and nourishes the skin from deep within.

Combining Orchistem Power Cream and Orchistem Serum - a complete skin care solution

With an all-in-one skin care product like Orchistem Power Cream stem cell cream, it saves a lot of money on other skin care products and also time spent on skin care.

However, creams with larger molecular particles than serums. You can combine Orchistem Serum to penetrate the skin 5 times deeper than cream. Orchistem Serum will deeply affect the damage in the dermis of the skin. After applying orchistem serum, you lock the serum layer, providing additional nutrients with Orchistem Power Cream stem cell cream will bring even more outstanding results.

 Orchistem Serum:

Skin whitening and anti-aging is the desire of many women today. However, finding a product that integrates these two uses is not easy. In this article, we would like to introduce Orchistem Serum product line from Damode Beauty brand. An essential product for your Skincare cabinet!

Orchistem Serum

Orchistem Serum quintessential Japanese skin care technology

Orchistem Serum is a line of intensive skin care products from the brand Damode Beauty . Orchistem serum is made in Japan with the combination of Saffron (Saffron) and Orchid Native (Di Lan) in the Orchistem Combo, which intensively restores aging and brightens the skin naturally.

From the application of advanced technologies in beauty, many weaknesses of skin care serums on the market have been improved, such as:

  1. Limit the evaporation of serum on the skin.
  2. The permeability is almost absolute
  3. Higher quality ingredients for a cheaper price
  4. Clinically tested production lines create customized products
  5. benign, safe for all skin types including super sensitive skin

More effective when used with Orchistem Cream.

Uses of Orchistem Serum Damode Beauty

Orchistem Serum Ingredients

This product line has a healthy ingredient list. Orchistem Serum ingredients include:

Botanical Extract Complex

High-grade ingredients form a complex of plant extracts that provide outstanding whitening results.

  • Red apple tree: promote skin circulation and metabolism, accelerate melanin growth
  • Humans bare: inhibit the transfer of melanin
  • Licorice: inhibits the formation of the enzyme tyrosinase

High quality natural ingredients

  • Orchistem stem cells: from the rare orchid flower in the primeval forest of Japan, helps to enhance comprehensive skin protection
  • Snail juice: rich in Elassn, Hyaluronic Acid
  • Aloe: rich in antioxidants and vitamins
Orchistem Serum ingredients

Uses of Orchistem Serum for women's skin

It's no coincidence that this serum is selling so well. The main effect of Orchistem serum is


 You will feel white, smooth skin after a period of use. The benign active ingredients from Orchistem serum bring great whitening effect. Owning bright and smooth skin is the desire of many women.

Skin rejuvenation

When women enter the age of 25, they will often experience problems with skin aging. Orchistem serum will prevent the formation of melanin pigments that cause dark spots, so your skin will keep its youth.


In the cold season, the skin is easy to dry and crack. In the hot season, the skin will easily secrete a lot of oil and clog pores. So the best method is to always keep the skin hydrated. The skin will immediately be shiny, not wrinkled, sagging.

Skin Restoration

If your skin has just undergone an acne treatment, or has problems such as dryness and cracking, Orchistem serum will help you restore your skin. This effect is very quickly visible. 

Uses of orchistem serum

How to use Orchistem serum daily?

Manufacturer's commitment to product effects

To add Orchistem serum to your skincare routine, follow these steps:

  • After removing makeup, deeply cleaning the skin, use rose water to immediately moisturize
  • Put 1-2 drops of serum in the palm of your hand, rub it to create warmth
  • Apply evenly to all areas of the face 
  • Gently pat the serum to absorb
  • Continue using skin cream to enhance skin protection effect

Note: Use 1-2 times a day, for many months to see the most noticeable effect.

Combo Orchistem Serum and Orchistem Power Cream

If orchistem stem cell cream is already popular with customers with severely damaged skin, the Orchistem Serum might be the next wave.

The combination of Orchistem serum penetrates deeply to help repair damaged skin structure, "refresh" your skin miraculously. However, serum has a weakness that is the ability to evaporate quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a layer of moisture, effectively retain nutrients, but also add other essential compounds to increase the effectiveness of Orchistem's recovery, whitening and anti-aging freckles.

The product that no other intensive cream line can replace is the Orchistem Power Cream stem cell cream to  treat melasma and anti-aging.
Combo Orchistem skin care for melasma

Above is all the information you can refer to the Orchistem serum product line. Immediately contact the Hotline of Damode Vietnam - Beauty & Healthcare for detailed advice. 

Brilliant Cells Mask:

A complexion brightening mask to treat the look of uneven skin. Ideal for hyper pigmented skin, sun and age spots, and to promote a brighter skin tone