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DAMODE COMBO 3 Tri Mun Chuyen Saus

$285.00 $257.00

DAMODE BEAUTY Blemish Rescue Mask 25 g x 8

It's time for a fast fix anti-acne sheet mask to give pimples their proper punishment.

Helps alleviate acne and soothe your skin from redness and irritation for clearer complexion.

Seize acne, reduce inflammation, soothe skin, control oil, tighten pores, clean and prevent recurrence of all kinds of acne, clogged pores, relax, be healthy.

DAMODE Perfect Skin Clears Acne - 60 Tablets

Clear Acnes is a functional food product from Korea that helps support the acne treatment process effectively. This is exactly a good assistant for women who are having problems with acne on their skin, let's see what great effects this product from Damode Beauty can bring!

Clear Acnes is a functional food product from Korea that helps support the acne treatment process effectively. This is exactly a good assistant for women who are having problems with acne on their skin, let's see what great effects this product from Damode Beauty can bring!


Product information for Clear Acnes acne tablets

  • Name: Perfect Skin Clear Acnes oral tablet to support the treatment and prevention of acne

  • Made in Korea

  • Specification: Box (60 tablets)

  • Efficacy Summary: Anti-inflammatory, reduces acne, controls sebum and protects the skin from scarring

  • Brand: Damode Beauty.

    Ingredients and uses Clear Acnes

    Ingredient production:

    Clear Acnes acne tablets with a combination of 4 groups of ingredients such as:

    1. Acne reducing ingredients: Zn, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A

    2. Ingredients Vitamins and minerals: Mg, Calcium, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C

    3. Group of herbal ingredients to protect skin: Burdock Extract, Chicory fibre, Horsetail extract.

    4. Skin care ingredients group: L-lysine, L-Proline.


    • Acne treatment support

    • Antibacterial, prevents the formation of new acne.

    • Clear ACnes acne tablets also help control oil, limit clogging of pores.

    • Prevent the formation of pitted scars

    • Provides vitamins and minerals to help balance hormones

    • Helps promote skin health for healthy, bright skin.

      Where to buy genuine Clear Acnes acne tablets?

      Clear Acnes oral tablet is officially distributed by Damode VN company, we are proud to be a high-level agent of Damode VN. Therefore, to buy genuine Clear Acnes acne pills at the right price, you can contact Damode Vietnam - Beauty & Healthcare for dedicated support. Damode Vietnam - Beauty & Healthcare is committed to only selling genuine Clear Acnes acne tablets (5 times compensation if buying fake products from our website). When receiving the goods, you can check if the product has enough packaging, labels, and anti-counterfeiting stamps. If full, you can rest assured to use. Contact to order at website or via hotline: 0932207939 for advice.

      Damode's Doctor Recommended Acne Skin Care Routine

      Here is a comprehensive acne care routine for customers who are looking to improve their acne-prone skin thoroughly. Note: Step 4 and Step 6 need not become a daily routine, but should be applied according to skin condition and recommendations detailed below. Step 1: Micellar Water Oil Control P-system for oily acne-prone skin Step 2: Facial cleanser for oily acne-prone skin Gel Cleanser Oil Control P-system Step 3: Essence Toner balancing essence Step 4: Blemish Rescue Mask acne treatment (2-3 times / week) Step 5: Acnes serum acne treatment essence Step 6: Rescue Treatment emergency acne essence (for inflammatory acne) Step 7: Clear Acnes pills

DAMODE BEAUTY Gel Cleanser Oil Control 100 ml

Specially formulated face wash for oily, acne-prone and combination skin

Volume: 100ml

Made in Korea

Distribution: Damode VN


DERMA Acnes Serum 10 ml

Derma Acnes Serum  is a high-end cosmetic line under the Damode Derma brand from Korea. The product was born based on elaborate research, combining ingredients with the ability to prevent, treat and treat acne skin. Products extracted from nature, benign and friendly to sensitive skin, have been tested. 


  • Tea tree extract:

In the product Derma Acnes Serum contains the polyphenol epigallocatechin-3-gallate (egcg) which is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, acne-causing agents, preventing and soothing skin sensitivity, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory. aging and prevent UV damage. Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil exhibits a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity against bacteria.

  • Castor Oil:

This ingredient contains fatty acids called omega-3s. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial in wound healing and reducing collagen deposition, which helps the body minimize scar formation. These fatty acids in Derma Acnes Serum can go deep into your skin, promoting healthy cells to grow, and new skin tissue to grow. However, do not think that you will see results immediately after using castor oil for the first time, because it takes some time for scars to fade.

  • Allantoin:

In the product, it increases the ability to retain moisture, soothes the skin, fights irritation, exfoliates the stratum corneum, increases the amount of extracellular water, enhances exfoliation of dead cells, smoothes the skin, stimulates the production of skin cells. new, support wound healing quickly, for the skin to become firmer, naturally bright and healthy.

  • Potassium azeloyl diglycinate:

Derived from Azelaic Acid to help prevent acne, fade dark spots, whiten & moisturize.


Derma Acnes Serum has more features than many other acne products because of its benign uses.

  • Cleanse skin, shrink pores, inhibit sebum secretion.

  • Solve acne problems: acne, black head, white head, pustules, cystic acne, ...

  • Brighten skin, reduce dark spots left by acne.

  • Restore damaged skin, pitted scars, ...

  • Soften & smooth skin (moisturizes skin, and helps skin retain moisture deeply & long).

  • Protects the skin against harmful environmental agents (prevents free radicals, eliminates the penetration of UV rays to the skin).



  • Step 1: Clean the skin completely.

  • Step 2: Take 3-5 drops of Derma Acnes Serum and put it on the acne spots and then apply it evenly. Twice a day in the morning & evening or as directed.

Note: For severely inflamed skin, it is recommended to use it regularly and apply it all over the face to prevent infection. DAMODE BEAUTY Clear Acne Rescue Treatment 1.5 g

DAMODE BEAUTY Clear Acne Rescue Treatment 1.5 g

Specification: 2.5g/stick

Made in Korea

Description: Astringent, dry, reduce acne quickly, cover imperfections, acne spots immediately

DAMODE BEAUTY [p-system] Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control 50 ml

Sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin P-system Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control with SPF50+; PA+++ blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays up to 12H, gently lifting tone will help protect skin from harmful agents. The sun is considered the number one "harmful agent" of the skin, causing melasma, tanning. Therefore, daily use of sunscreen plays an extremely important role in protecting and taking care of the skin. However, choosing the right sunscreen for oily and acne-prone skin is not easy. Most common sunscreens leave a greasy, sticky feeling after application, cause white streaks on the face or do not control excess oil well, even causing clogged pores and darkening. more serious than acne. Therefore, P-system launched the Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil control product line - sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin that will be an assistant to make women satisfied.

Information about sunscreen for oily skin Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control:

  • Name: Sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin, mixed smart touch sunscreen oil control

  • For: Oily, combination, normal skin

  • Milk form

  • Capacity 50ml

  • Made in Korea

  • Distribution: Damode VN

  • Brand: P-system

  • Index: SPF 50+ ; PA+++

If you have dry skin, you can refer to P-system Smart Touch Sunscreen for dry skin

Main use

  • Brighten skin, tone up

  • Very good sebum control

  • Tighten pores

  • SPF 50+ PA+++ blocks UVA/UVB up to 99% effective up to 12H

  • Soothes skin and anti-inflammatory, prevents acne

Uses of sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin Smart Touch Sunscreen P-systemUses of sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control P-system


With modern Korean technology, clinically proven, the superior ingredients from nature contain the patented scientific complex Anti Sebum P.

Anti Sebum P Complex:

It is made from 4 herbs, night primrose, kudzu, Japanese elm root, longleaf pine. Effectively regulate sebum. Anti-aging skin soothing, smooth and bright skin.

Tea Tree Oil (Tea Tree Oil):

Anti-inflammatory mineral, soothing redness and swelling. Prevent acne recurrence.

Aloe vera extract

Hydrate and moisturize the skin, prevent oil secretion to make the skin soft and gentle Reduce inflammation, redness, quickly restore skin protection.

Certified sunscreen P-system

The certificate ensures that the published ingredients are censored, including the import and export units and manufacturers.

Certificate of Smart Touch SunscreenCertificate of Smart Touch Sunscreen Oil Control