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Cosmeheal Go White-Stay Healthy Efferglow White 10 Tabletsx3 30 Days

$75.00 $67.00

Cosmeheal GO WHITE-STAY HEALTHY EFFERGLOW WHITE 30 days supplement.

Manufactured under the objective of HEALTHY WHITE, safe, whitening boost while bringing countless health benefits, such as strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases, cancer, fight against free radicals, enhance the detoxifying function of the body as well as eliminate toxins from the environment.


Glutathione, vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid are the 3 golden components in whitening formulation all over the world with remarkable effectiveness and spectacular makeover for famous people, including color skin ones. In addition, they are also known for its health care superior ability, cancer prevention, immune system enhancement and external pathogens remove.

Fern extract and L-cysteine​​ enhances the ability of whitening effect and endogenous sun protection.

CoEnzyme Q10 helps to protect the heart, increase cellular energy and prevent aging.

HOW TO USE: Dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in about 250 ml of cold water. Wait for it to dissolve completely and drink immediately.


You can use less volume of water if you want a strong, juicy taste or you can also add some more water for the interested taste.

It will be delicious if used in cold. The product does not contain sugar, so it does not cause weight gain.

After dissolving, drink immediately. Do not leave in the air for long time in order to avoid the active substances to be oxidized and the effect reduces.

Take with meals, immediately after eating or 1-2 hours after eating. Do not drink with an empty stomach.


First month: Attack dose. 02 tablets (morning and afternoon) in 02 months. For dark skin, 3 tablets in the first month and 2 tablets in the next 1 month.

Third month: Stabilization dose. 02 tablets alternating with 01 tablet daily for 01 month.

Fourth month: Maintenance dose. 1 tablet per day in 1 month.

From fifth month onwards: Prevention dose. 2-3 tablets a week to lighten the skin, prevent melasma, hyperpigmentation, cancer as well as endogenously protect the skin from the sun, enhance immune system, anti-aging, scavenger radical and eliminate toxins from food and environment.


Store in a cool and dry place.

Keep out of reach of children.