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Introducing the Japanese brand Hebora As one of the famous and prestigious brands in Japan for health and beauty care products MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen is the brand ambassador of Hebora Japan in Vietnam Is Hebora Collagen good? This is a leading beauty supplement in Japan, with many ingredients to help skin stretch, youthful and effectively whiten, and also has the effect of detoxifying the body. The product has a fresh and convenient packaging, enhancing nutrients and making it easier for your body to absorb. Ingredients of Hebora Collagen Enrich Japan Collagen Peptide: 160,000mg content has the effect of increasing elasticity, regenerating skin, preventing the aging process causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Elastin: Keeps skin structure stable for firmer skin Plant enzymes: Ingredients from 112 fruits, rich in minerals and vitamins, have the effect of promoting metabolism, inhibiting melanin causing freckles, dark spots, making skin bright and smooth Damask Rose: Detox, removes unpleasant odors, creates a gentle body scent, and adds nutrients for healthy skin. Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturises the skin and keeps it hydrated. At the same time, many HA nutrients prevent wrinkles, leaving skin radiant and youthful Japanese yeast extract: Effectively restores skin, reduces acne and pigmentation marks Uses of Hebora Collagen Enriched Japan Helps keep skin supple and smooth As a "panacea" to replenish energy, reduce stress and fatigue Hydrate and moisturize from deep inside for radiant, bright skin Strengthen the immune system to keep the body healthy and full of life Detox, purify the body, effectively reduce fat, support weight loss, give you a slim body Dispel unpleasant body odors, make you always confident and attractive Good anti-oxidant, protects skin against environmental damage Enhances elasticity to keep skin firm, rosy, bright Promote skin regeneration, anti-aging Improve wrinkles, crow's feet, eye bags, wrinkles Helps the musculoskeletal system work more smoothly See more: Review Top 10 Best American Collagen – XACHTAYNHAT.NET Hebora Japan Flavored Tablets REVIEW Collagen AEC Gold 12000mg Is It Good Instructions for using Hebora drinking water You should drink one sachet a day  The product has the best effect when taken 30 minutes after breakfast or about 1 hour before bed, can be taken directly or diluted with water. It is recommended to maintain use for about 3 months to see noticeable results Depending on the location, there will be different fast or slow use effects.