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CINDEL TOX MILD CLEANSING GEL (All-in-one skin whitening gel)
This is a line of high-class skin whitening cosmetics widely used in famous hospitals, dermatology institutes, Spas, and Clinics in Korea. and Asia.
- Origin: Korea
- Manufacturer: SY Medipharm
- Exclusive NK&PP: CO., LTD - CINDELTOX Import-Export
- Packing: 120ml bottle

1. Outstanding advantages:

- Is a cosmetic line that has been clinically tested and certified to be safe, non-irritating for all skin types. So you can use Cindeltox to whiten, protect and restore your skin even after surgery, laser or needle roller, microalgae, peel...
- Cindeltox production process is strictly controlled by the hospital Korean dermatology and obtained the following certifications:
+ Certificate of Free Sale in Korea
+ Certificate of ISO 22716:2007 GMP.
+ Certificate of GMP standard (Korea's Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics
+ Certificate of Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
+ Circulation code of Drug Administration - Ministry of Health of Vietnam)

2. Main ingredients:
- 1,000 ppm Pure Glutathione commonly known as skin whitening agent 
- 10,000 ppm pure vitamin C
- Thioctic Acid 
- Extracted from the rare CICA of Jeju Island
- AHA 
- White tea essential oil

3. Uses 
- Remove makeup, clean cosmetic residue and liquefy sebum deep into pores
- Multi-layer deep cleaning, remove dirt, oil, blackheads, acne
- Inhibit Melanin and whiten skin immediately after 3 minutes thanks to Glutathione Peel technology
- Balanced pH 5.0 ~ 6.0 does not cause dehydration and dry skin like normal facial cleansers
- Soothes sunburn sensitive skin thanks to centella asiatica essence CICA
- Corticosteroid elimination support - Very
effective treatment to eliminate Demodex bacteria causing seborrheic dermatitis

+ Non-abrasive, weak and thin skin like regular facial cleansers

4. Instructions for use 
- Makeup remover: Take 1 amount of the product on a cotton pad to wipe off makeup.
- Peel white and clean skin: Take 1 amount of foaming product and massage face for 2~3 minutes. Then rinse again with water.

5. Indications:
- Use for all skin that needs deep cleaning, including sensitive, easily irritated skin.
- Dark, dark, oily skin.

Especially the skin is having acne, corticosteroids and dermatitis caused by Demodex bacteria.