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CELES Premium Placentary Cream 50ml 1.6 oz

$98.00 $90.00

[ CELES ] Fine Natural Cosmetic Premium Placentary Cream 50ml

Product Description
  • CELES restores stressed and damaged skin barriers and builds up new layers of skin to speed up skin recovery.
  • It is instantly absorbed into the skin, providing a powerful and intensive lifting effect.
  • It is a multifaceted multi-intensive treatment that results in fine lines, elasticity, whitening, rapid regeneration, and skin regeneration.
Placenta Extract Effects
It improves skin immunity and natural healing power, activates skin cell metabolism, inhibits free radicals that cause cell damage, and has an excellent effect on skin's quick regeneration, whitening, antioxidation, moisturizing, elasticity, and wrinkle improvement.
Hydrolyzed Placental Extract
- Natural healing power / Increase skin surface tension
- Enhance skin barrier function
- Prevention of stain (pigment) deposition
- Tyrosinase inhibitory action (whitening effect), a melanin pigment forming factor
- Stimulate skin cell metabolism
- Promoting skin cell regeneration
- Promotion of blood circulation
- Moisture retention of stratum corneum
- Skin inflammation sedation by daylight
- Allergy inhibition

Celes cream is suitable for skin types : 

  • Skin that is damaged by UV rays, acne red scar skin, peeling, dry skin, moisture-deficient skin, acne-prone skin, rapid aging skin, fine wrinkle skin, elasticity-lost skin, dull skin, dull skin, unbalanced skin,
  • Skin that requires rapid regeneration, skin that requires quick recovery after laser surgery
How to Use 
  • CELES Placenta Cream is absorbed into the deep layers of the skin, so you can use it daily enough to regenerate your skin cells.
  • When used continuously, skin texture becomes smooth and soft like silk, and it is effective in preventing skin aging.
  • You can use it as a night cream.